Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chris's Trivia Part 2

Chris in South Korea has come out with his round 2 of trivia. Once again I will attempt to answer his questions without looking up the answers. Here we go:

16. Seoul is Korea's largest city, while Busan comes in second. Which cities are third, fourth, and fifth? (Cities need not necessarily be in order)

Daegu, Gyongju, it starts with a G

17. Approximately what percentage of the Korean population is agnostic / non-religious? (Count your answer correct if you're over or under by 3%)


18. Who or what is a chigwa (치과)?

I don't know. A special day or special person...uh something special.

19. Just because Korea has one of the lowest birthrates in the world doesn't mean they don't like kids. What makes a Korean child's first birthday so special?

Because of the low birth-rate. Is this the 100 day thing?

20. Who or what is a agasshi (아가씨)?
Unmarried lady

21. What are you ordering if you ask for 매운탕 (maeuntang)?
Dog meat? Something like that~?

22. Name two of the railroad lines that connect Korea via railroad. Any of the named lines that make up part the Seoul subway system do not count!
KTX doesn't count? Korail?

23. When you see a sign that says '24 시', what does that mean?
24 hours~!

24. Who or what does NET stand for?
Don't know~

25. Who or what is HBC?
mmmm don't know

26. Name three Korean newspapers / news sources published in English, without the word 'Korea' in the name.
Chosun Ilbo, Yonghap News, Joongang Daily (sp)
27. Who or what is Pascucci?
Coffee Shop

28. Jeju-do boasts Korea's tallest mountain, Hallasan. Within 50 meters, how tall is this mountain?

29. Lots of railroads criss-cross the country, and there is definitely a trade-off between speed and price. Excluding subways, name the four classes of trains.
What is with you and trains? I don't know man..umm first class, carriage, cargo...military?

30. Since we ignored subways in the last question, we'll ask about them now. As of June 2009, how many Korean cities have operating subway systems?

Looks like I need to pay attention more...again.

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  1. Hi Joy,
    I posted the answers if you (or your wonderful readers) would like to check them out!

    This round, was, um, not your friend... But I applaud your efforts all the same :)


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