Friday, June 12, 2009


Sometimes you find yourself in a hard place, even though life is seemingly harmless.

The situation at my house has degraded. I got use to living in a small box with music blaring from the restaurant outside. It helped that a few people in the building complained about the music enough that they now keep it down more. And when the weather warmed up and the restaurants down below started serving food outside I got use to the smell of roasted pig flesh.

But I am having trouble getting use to this new development. That would be beeping.

Beep beep beep beep beep .....until finally it stops.

On one side of the area outside is a parking garage and when cars enter and exit the building a red light flashes and a beeping sound is emitted. But because the process of having the car enter and exit the garage takes a freaking long time I get to hear that beeping almost constantly now.

There are a few things I have done during my time at home to help myself from hearing it.
  • Listen to Jazz music (for some reason this really helps me not hear the beeping pattern)
  • Watch a movie (but the quiet slow moments can make hearing the beeping occur)
  • Close the window (If done then I need to turn on the Air-con, which equals money)
  • Close the window and turn on the air con (helps alleviate the beeping sound)
  • Close the window, air-con on, earplugs in. (Works! But my brain somehow repeats the beeping pattern in my head and I have to tell myself no!)
I have to say coming to work with a bright smile on my face is hard to do these days knowing that my home sucks.

It builds up rage inside of you that you can't find an outlet to vent at, mostly because that would be in the privacy of your own home...but it is my home that sucks.

So my coteacher sensed my fowl mood today and tried to enquire as to why. But I responded coldly. She knows I hate my house and that I have spite towards my old coteacher who found me the hell hole. (And she still works at our school)

I am waiting till the day I move out of this place and more so waiting till the time I get to go look for a better place to live. If that means a different location with different people then so be it!

I just hope that no other new developments come along before my time is up in my home.

Four more months!!


  1. Your mood is for the birds... :) Get it? "Fowl" mood...

  2. har har har
    I don't want a fowl mood..

    trying to be more chipper hehe

  3. You're whining. Seriously. You live in one of the largest cities in the world, there are going to be constant, unpredictable, non-stop annoying sounds. 25 million people live around you--I defy you to find a place where they aren't making noise as they live their lives.

    Until 1:30 AM or so on nights of good weather (the ones when I want the window open) there are people being loudly drunk on the patio shared by the restaurants three floors below me. I live about a block from the local cop stop--sirens are loud and regular ...

    Guess what--I'd rather have that than no restaurants, and no cops. Get you some earplugs!

  4. Hehe sometimes I need to whine a bit. But I know what yer saying...could be worse...

    but could be better too!

  5. LOL...

    So far I'm the lucky one. Third (top) floor of a villa in a neighborhood that is very quiet (4 months in). If you work with a good real-estate agent, quiet neighborhoods are out there. Although I suppose the threat of random construction is still out there. ;-)

    If your job gets you housing.. it's a lot more mixed of a bag (my fiancee has had three places and they've ranged from OK to horrid)

    When I worked in Daejeon, a co-worker was so freaked out about noise that he would hike up into the hills with a sleeping bag and sleep in the pagodas there. He eventually did snap (though it wasn't about noise) and is back in Canada now.

  6. My apartment was right next to the stairwell and I could hear every clack of heels on them all the way up. That, combined with the slamming doors, just about drove me nuts. I definitely understand.


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