Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tea World Festival at COEX

Despite that my computer at home is having a hissy fit I am finding I can still blog using my computer at work. So you know it wasn't a big spill but still had an effect. I have been feeling like buying a new Macbook anyways so we will see if this pushes me towards that.

Moving along, on Sunday JH and I went to COEX to see the Tea World Festival venue. I got word of this through Jennifer and knew it would be something worth checking out. The day was overcast and rainy so it was great for doing indoor activities.
To get in you had to register and buy a ticket. They even gave you a name tag type necklace to wear, which I found slightly embarrassing.
Entering we came upon the sight of booths set up displaying tea ware and tea samples.
It felt like I was back at the tea bowl festival in Moonkyeong but without the amazing countryside as a backdrop. Still it was fun to look at the different tea wares and see people giving out demonstrations.

Dried tea herbs inside glass globes.
While walking past one booth the people inside wooed us in to have a sample of their tea, which was from the high mountains of Taiwan.

The tea they served us in these tiny cups was a specialty tea that was meant to taste like it was milk. It tasted a bit milky, but really it was more fun to drink. There was a whole procedure to doing it, too. First she poured the tea into the the taller little cup then you put the other cup on top of it, kind of like it was a hat. Then you flip it over and slowly remove the narrow cup as the tea slowly bubbles out.

The other great part of the exhibition were the handicrafts.

More tea sampling...

On the stage there was a tea ceremony being performed. I have to say it was definitely a somber experience. Everything was articulated and performed with great accuracy.

After a while we were getting hungry and headed out for lunch inside the COEX mall. We stopped at a noodle place.

We spent the rest of the time trying to find me a nice pair of shoes. But alas I still could not find a pair I agreed with. So we went back home and later had dinner...

Not a bad day and it was really relaxing tasting all those teas and seeing many tea enthusiasts at the festival. We took home a few mementos from the occasion and hope to start practicing tea making.

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  1. Awesome! I wanted to go as well. It looks like time well spent. A great cup of tea is a fanastastic thing.


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