Saturday, June 13, 2009

We're Not Going to Take It!

The expat community is buzzing with the recent Yonhap piece. Basically Korean media tend to write about us expats in way that is alarming. Making us look like drugged up idiots. I have to say that there are probably a few teachers out there who do fit that profile. But to make them the front news of our image is preposterous.

I came here to do my job and do it well. Sure I don't have any teaching credentials or billions of hours spent in a classroom (yet) but I take my job seriously.

An English teacher named Choi who works at a high school in Jeollanam-do said, “they don’t know the basic purpose of education. During lesson song times they just sing songs over and over, 10 or 20 times. I totally fail to see how you can learn English through pop songs.”
And I totally fail to see how Koreans practically never try for a moment to see it all from our perspective.

Let's do something about this!! Because we're not going to take it anymore.

Write to the Yonhap news yourself and give them the bitter fist.

1. Want to send an angry email to the reporter? Use this. Be sure to CC the Yonhap ombudsman.


My other suggestion would be to talk to your coworkes and coteachers and let them know about yourself and experience here in Korea. Expose to them that you have a large group of friends that are decent people. What the heck even invite them to a foreigner gathering.

Despite how on some days I can be in a crappy mood (see previous post) I try to talk to my coteacher about what it is like to be a foreigner.

It is about spreading an awareness that we are not the image that the Korean media portrays us as. And I think that means portraying ourselves as decent people when out in public. Remember you may not think about this but your image and actions are seen by the Korean public and they take those memories with them when they read an article like Yonhap news. ... anyways...



  1. I've sent an email and I really hope that someday, maybe someday, this will change.

  2. "wright"?
    try "write" Mssy English teacher!
    They may judge you by your spelling....ya never know!


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