Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Little Bit of Insadong

After the Illustration exhibit I met up with JH and we decided to head over to Insadong. My goal was to pick up some souvenirs to bring home to my family when I go on vacation. He parked the car in Gangnam and we took the subway the rest of the way.
Although it was rainy I still found Insadong to be its usual pleasant self. I also think that going there on a rainy day is better, due to that the crowd seemed not as heavy.
It was lunch time and we were hungry so we strolled down a side street.

This is a view looking out from the restaurant. Open windows allowed one to dine and hear the fall of rain. It was truly relaxing.

Side dishes:


Leaving the restaurant:
We strolled along the street and made our way to that shopping bazaar place. The entrance had a Dalki treat cart. Super cute!

Going along Insadong street you peek inside the shops and get a look at all the treasures. Here is one shop that sells brushes. I always want to go inside and pick one up but end up being too shy.
Towards the end of our time there we gave ourself a treat at Red Mango.
It was just a simple time out that day. But I think Insadong street is changing a little bit. It seems more brand name chain stores are moving in (including Red Mango). It's out with the old and in with the new I suppose. Before you know it the old look will be just a fading memory.


  1. hmmm towards the end of the street where red mango and starbucks are... those "larger" chains have been in insadong for quite a while now (at least 5 years?). it's a just a part of the socio-cultural economic situation where the smaller older things attracted people but in return it's made the land prices higher and higher in demand forcing smaller mom and pops to move out and becoming open invitations for brand names... a shame, but it's just how it is~

  2. Why r u shy re: the brush store?

    What was that main dish?
    Something w/green beans?

  3. that was a pancake thing
    and bulgogi...or beef and noodles


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