Saturday, June 14, 2008

Venturing out by myself

Today after finishing up some house chores and work planning I decided to go out on my own and take a look around. I went to the Cheonho area, which is home to the Emart I visit frequently and the Hyundai department store. As I was exiting the station one exit sign said this way to a park, so I thought it might be a good idea to head in that direction. It turned out the actual big park was a walk down a large street and I couldn't really figure out how to get there, but on the way I found a smaller park and took some snap shots. Here for you are my discoveries. Hyundai Department Store, I went inside and it is like any ol' department store except very very crowded. They were having a sale going on and you could see women fiercely searching for clothes. I didn't spend too long inside it though, was hungry. The park had an open area with playgrounds and children's jungle gyms. Here is another open area with grass and trees. I think I would like to visit this place again in the future so to feel a bit away from the buildings, however the park is kinda just plunked in the middle of all the buildings anyways.
An informational stone, there was after this a board with English describing the site. From what I recall this location had an anthropological importance to it due that remnants of something (I can't remember) was found here. I think though that most people just walk by this place, maybe sit down to relax and then move on. Some flora for you! I think some of what you are seeing is bamboo. I am not sure if the plants and shrubbery here was planted and landscaped or natural...its natural anyways right!? Ok some lovely flowers and greenery. I think I need twiddle around with my camera settings because the white is to strong in this picture. There was a fence around a mound along this park, which I think was the historical artifact, an old tomb because tombs in Korea are mounds, much like the ancient tombs in Japan are (the keyhole tombs). Or it was the remnant of a gate or levee...not sure actually. sigh. Anyways along the mound was this metal fence that wasn't very high about oh knee length high and here and there were these symbols. I came to a part at the park where it cuts off, but if you go left you can walk on the backside of the mound. Here it was more of just an alleyway with houses and parked cars, but also some flowers. Also along the alley were some mundane yet interesting sites. For example, here is a shot of someones door or gate into their home. I found it very decorative. A lot of the homes had pots out front with plants inside them, so it is humbling to see city people growing plants and keeping up with the green parts of life. Finally, a viewpoint of the back alley I walked around. As I was walking there were two teenage boys in front playing around. They must of been neighborhood kids. They found an old computer rolling chair and pushed each other on it, I felt like I was watching a scene out of National Geographic or something. Sorry didn't capture it on camera because I didn't want to scare them.

After my visit to the park I headed back to the Hyundai dept area in search of food. I found two pizza places and tried to order pizza but failed. It seems that going to a place like that is meant for two people and the waitress said something to me in Korean and made a big 'x' gesture with her arms. So I left. Sigh...I think I need to start picking up necessary Korean so that I can at least get a slice of pizza. But its okay I survived and went home. Tomorrow its another trip for me to Emart to get my groceries. This is my final weekend before Bo Kwan comes back and I am excited.

As for my job, well I know it isn't exactly the best life to be busy and stressed out at work. But I have faith that I can do it and also just try to tell myself to make it through this year and see what my options are afterwards.


  1. Joy....Thank you for the interesting & beautiful fotos!
    Glad to see that you must be feeling better! need to get a Korean language phrase book going for the things you want to say & be able to do on your adventures, when you are out & about alone without Bo Kwan!

    Re: the pizza
    What do you think she was trying to tell you? Single women alone were not served there?
    Or they do not sell single slices of pizza, only whole pies?


  2. hehe good challenge baby, I will go there with you again next weekend!!! I`m excited,too.
    I don`t know why you can not enter the pizza place, you guess because you got there by yourself but it`s not make sense. I can go any restaurant by myself.We will figure it out later. Hmm Korea is so weird haha. I have gotton many helps from Americans(I`m not sure they are American or hispanic or Chinese haha) I will help foreiners in Korea. I hesitated to help them before, In Korean view,asking to people before they ask to me is impolite.
    All right. Good morning here~

  3. the lady was trying to tell me that the food on the menu was meant for more than one as a single person it wasn't right to order

  4. SO......if you had to order food that was meant for two or more could take the rest home .... & have a pizza stash in your frig!
    Don't they do "to go" in Korea?

  5. yes they do....but I couldn;t really explain that to them...

    oh well sigh

  6. I know where you are. There is a great (expensive though) grocery store under that hyundai department store.

    I'm only about a half hour from you. :) It's probably closer via taxi. But via subway/bus it's half an hour or so.

  7. Hi Luna,
    Ah yes I didn't make it to that part of Hyundai dept. store...maybe next time..maybe I can find some cheeese!

    Hmm we should all get together some time...maybe for karaoke!


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