Saturday, June 7, 2008

Gang-nam a place for the rich

Today I had the craving for pizza once again. And one of the friends I made at the training session got a hold of me so the two came together. I went to her part of Seoul which is in Gangnam. When I came out of the subway it became clear to me that I was definitely in the well-to-do area. Kind of like 5th Ave in NYC where all the designer shops are. Here the streets were lined with very tall and gorgeous buildings that had big name designer brands on them. There weren't a lot of people on the street but I think that was because it was still daylight out.

Anyways I met up with my pal Karlan and we went for pizza. The place she chose wasn't so uppity but nice and cozy with well prized pizzas and pastas. We shared a pepperoni pizza and Caesar salad. Sorry was too hungry and ate before realizing to take pictures. Afterwards we wandered around the area in search of a Baskin Robbins but found none. Instead we saw some sites. For example here is a building with a Gorilla sculpture on it, which is an advert for the backpack it is wearing. And we found an "American Diner" that promised a real American experience but with 'safe' beef. Poor company is probably trying to make sure people know its beef is safe, yet still appeal to the whole American burger fantasy thing. Whatever that is? Anyways, a day out on the town wouldn't be complete without a shot of me. Seoulites dress so much better than I do, with their high heals and Gucci bags... I feel like the commoner. But I like some of the fashions and have an itch to go out and buy some new clothes. Yet I think I should at least get paid first before I go out on the town and empty my wallet.

Well its been a nice long weekend. I got all my planning done (except for a few classes I forgot the books for). So tomorrow I can clean up the place and relax.


  1. Hi there. It's cool that you got to see that area (it's called Apkujeong) but it sure isn't a jeans and hoodie neighbourhood -- you'll get away with that a little more easily north of the river, in Hongdae or Jongno, than in Kangnam or Apkujeong.

    In my opinion, Jongno is the best part of Seoul (except when there are protests). . . but that's just me.

  2. "When in Rome do as the Romans do"!
    might sum it up?!!
    Altho.......your own "style" is always important no matter where you are!
    Maybe there are "thrift" stores of the rich & famous somewhere in Seoul, where you can find all the designer stuff priced for a mere teacher's budget!

    Saw the new Adam Sandler movie w/the Suarez' last nite...a few laughs & good message, but really S T U P I D! Just what I needed after another horrific experience w/the outgoing principal & final rejection letter from NSU re: the Fellowship.

    Mom's Fashion Corner:
    Nice black slacks/capris & a silky top w/modestly high heeled (good for walking) sandals....would do the trick! Arty earrings & some makeup.........
    & what's happening w/your new hair style?? Too much forehead...Bring some forward......or was it v. windy out on the town?


  3. Umm thanks Mom. I might figure out a new style when the time comes.

    Hi Rob, I knew I was going to get the name of that are wrong. Ah well, yea I still have more exploring to do.

  4. Interesting to see some pics of the area I'll be staying in for the first week or so. I definitely don't think I dress well enough to live there. Give me jeans and a sweatshirt any day=^^=

  5. I don`t think their Gooxx bags are perfectly real haha, maybe you will be known there are so many fake bag place in Seoul..


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