Friday, June 6, 2008

Sushi Boat = full belly

So I took up the muster today to go out on my own and feed myself at a restaurant. Ok, ok this isn't such a hard thing. But I discovered some sushi joints in my neighborhood. The one I took in was a Sushi Boat place. This is the kind of joint where little plates of sushi float around the bar and you can just take them off and eat it. You have to be careful though to remember how much each is so your tab doesn't get too high. I ate about 4 pieces and it cost 9,000 Won. That is about about $9 in my approximation.

Afterwards I got some ice cream at the Baskin Robbins near my home.

Well it feels good to eat something besides pasta.

Today I spent from morning till afternoon writing up my month's lesson plans. I took home all the books so I could do it here. I am about halfway through so looks like I will need to do it Saturday or Sunday.

I think for next month I may just plan by the week...meaning a week or two ahead instead of the whole month that way I guarantee leftover time for myself on the weekend.

Anyways that stuff isn't too exciting is it?

Am I homesick yet?
The answer is almost completely yes. I am beginning to miss California's general atmosphere. By which I mean the clear blue skies and cool breezes off the ocean. Seoul's weather isn't bad but definitely different. It makes me really curious to learn about the local weather patterns and what it is affected by. When it rains it cools down, I don't know if that is because it is still early in the summer or just the way it is.

But if you have every been to LA the air kind of resembles that...kind of smoggy. Again not really complaining just making an observation. It is what it is and I didn't come here expecting to know all about the weather and what-not.

Hmmmm I just been worried lately that my job is kind of very stressing because some of my classes the children are very rowdy. I really need to come off as very strict to get them to behave when I command something right away. But I feel that stress comes in two ways:
  1. Made by yourself
  2. Caused by outside forces
I think I tend to create my own stress with all my worrying. So I just need to remember to relax and that really these things I stress about are no big deal.

Anyways I should take more pictures so my blog becomes prettier.


  1. Does the weather in LA not cool down after it rains??? It does that here in TN. I am amazing at stressing myself out without even realizing it=^^= Do you have allergies or anything? A friend of mine is in Seoul and she has been scratchy throat and pseudo sick for a bit now. Wondering about Seoul's air quality, hmmm...

  2. air qualit isn't the best. I kind of dont have allergies so I am not that affected. But when yellow dust rolls in you feel a bit watery eyes and scratchy throat. Remedy = tea... :)

    When I grew up in Florida when it rained the temperature pretty much stayed the that may be cause for my suprise.

  3. I've heard that the yellow dust is absolutely miserable! I'm in Washington DC where we're "blessed" with hot and humid summers, so I think I have some idea of what to expect in Korea. The rain only makes things even stickier here!

  4. What's the "yellow dust" all about?
    Sounds not good.

  5. I haven;t yet gone through the horrible bit of yellow dust...but I am not looking forward to it.

    Yellow dust is when winds carry the dust particles from the Gobi desert in China over to Korea and Japan, on its way it picks up the pollution in Beijing too. Worst season is in April I believe.


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