Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New bed!

My new bed arrived today. Out with the old and in with the new. My supervisor helped install it and also took out the old one and gave me an extra chair for my place.

The mattress is well not that cushiony...so I will be on the hunt for some kind of foam overlay.

Other than this my 3rd week of teaching hasn't been so bad. I think my supervisors understand me now because they are still friendly and kind. But maybe I should check in with them personally.

Classes are still what they are but little by little I am getting out the kinks with each class. Yes this class load is very busy but I just remember back to when I was at camp. There I had to be with the kids till morning to nightfall, and with just a 2hr break. So I think I can manage.

Hmmm I hope sleeping on the new bed tonight will be pleasant.


  1. Yay for new beds! Did your boss help you order it? Did you order from online or at one of the EMarts? I'm always curious about shopping=^^=
    Oh! I meant to ask you if your IPhone works in Korea?

  2. Congrats on the new bed!
    Sweet dreams......
    Have you ever tried a "feather bed" (Less sweaty than foam) on top of a mattress/futon?
    I love mine...like drifting into a cloud.
    When does BoKwan arrive?
    V. busy here....start teaching at FGCU today, getting Syllabus, PPT, etc....ready. It's a 6 wk version of the course, a marathon, v. intense! AGH!!

    XXXXX & 000000

  3. I was told that Iphone is not working in Korea so I don`t buy it.New Ipod is really cool @@@@
    Anyways Welcome new bed haha, I can use it hehe. Today is my last day in the u.s for a while(I`m not sure when I can visit here again) so last night I felt a little bit sad..hu..
    Allright On friday morning I will get Korea. ~

  4. hi,
    I don't know where they got but it must have been a discount place...kinda cheap but still good.

    wifi works now and then...but kinda spotty...wifi here isn't so prevelant. for my iTouch boo hooo


    If you want to send me a featherbed cover thing for my mattress that would be great and I would send you the $$ to buy it :)

    BK gets here on my Saturday

  5. Sooo, is he here yet? Did you meet him in Incheon Airport? You must be very happy now. Cynthia


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