Sunday, June 29, 2008

Honeymoon stage wearing off

I think that glorious and shiny honeymoon stage you are suppose to experience when living in another country is starting to wear off for me.

Don't get me wrong, I still find myself feeling excited and proud to be over here. But I am starting to miss the American way of life. Basically I think it just comes from the fact that when you are the outsider, well you feel like an outsider. People look at you when you walk down the street, they stare and gawk. Everyone around you speaks but you can't understand what they say.

However, between all this there are some things I can control. For example, the more I learn Korean the more I will understand what people say around me. Also the more I find places I like to go in Seoul the less alienated I will feel.

Anyways, what have I been up to?
Lately it has been a lot of school planning. The first of July is coming up and that means new syllabus'. It feels nuts to plan out my weeks in advance, but I keep it up anyways. Yet, most of the teachers around me at the office just plan it the day they get there. So I feel somewhat foolish for being the goody-goody.

Besides school dominating most of my activities, Bo Kwan and I lounged around yesterday (Saturday) and then went to an area near Insadong and met his friends for beer and chicken. I didn't drink any beer but ate some chicken. It was nice to meet his friends, who come in packs of 10. They were curious about my life here and some of their questions I had a hard time answering. Hopefully after more thought I will think what to say better to a question like: "What is different in living in Korean than in living in America?" Honestly, I knew the answers but froze at how to congeal it all into sentences.

Today it is Emart again and then house stuff. It is raining and I think it helps my mood out a little.


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