Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random musing

For some random pleasure here are some pics of the plants on my windowsill.

They were left here by the previous occupant and were pretty well taken care of. So now I try to take care of them too. Thanks for checking out my random post...;)


  1. I have a picture of the bean plant I grew for my Botany class on my phone. Thankfully I took it because the day after my cat ate it...

  2. Yup, they love to eat plants, and pennies, and floss, and plastic wrap and let's not forget the chewing of the electrical cords=^^=

  3. Any idea what kind of plant that is? Is it a tea or coffee plant by any chance? I've never seen it before. Sorta looks like those type of leafs.
    That's why I'm asking you take pics in the parks. I bet there's all sorts of species plants we've never seen before growing there....well I'd find that v. interesting.


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