Thursday, June 12, 2008

From a distance

I still read the news from local San Francisco and what caught my eye tonight was a map of the gas prices.

I am somewhat shocked by the high prices. My reason for this is because I can recall that when I started driving gas was inching towards $2.00 and at that time I thought "Oh my god! Gas is getting too high!" But now that has doubled.

We all have been watching this happen and if you live in America and own a car you can really feel it affect you. When I left America I didn't have a car so it didn't concern me much. But now that I am away from America I can see these changes at more of a distance, unlike before.

From this point of view to me it seems America is spinning off into a new oblivion, where things aren't going to be as reassuring as they were before. That is why I think this election will have an important outcome for the future of not only America but also the world.

Well I will stay away from political banter tonight...

Anyways we are having an electrical storm here, which reminds me of Florida. Yes, I find myself counting the seconds between lighting and thunder!


  1. Ok...don't laugh too hard, when I got my very own first car a 64 VW Bug (1971-2?)the price of gas was around .32 cents a gallon!
    When I moved here to Ft. Myers Nov. '04 the price of gas was $1.75. Now the best price around town is $4.00.

    Don't kid yourself Joy....even tho you didn't own a car in SF, you were paying higher prices for food, etc... due to the rising fuel cost. It's effecting every area of our economy/society, here in the US & around the world.

    So....the U.S. is referred to as "America" in Korea?! I think of my country as the U.S....& America as the continent, South & North!

    Thanx for the pics out your window....keep 'em coming!

  2. hi,
    Ah I am sure you have seen many changes in your time.

    I call it America...but maybe should refer to it as USA which would be more precise. Hmmm


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