Saturday, June 21, 2008

He does it again!

Matt that crazy dancing guy on Youtube dances around the world again in a new video...

take a look!


  1. Thanx Joy - - that was a lot of fun!
    I see you're immersed in U-Tube...please keep posting interesting stuff..I don't have time to U-Tube much.

    Sorry I didn't get to call you back tonite. I was exhausted & took a nap, before finishing up work for my class' website & now will leave for Miami sometime today (Sat.). I am returning Mon. nite.
    I hope you're having a good wkend.
    You sounded kinda sad ? ? homesick maybe ? ?
    Now that Bo Kwan is there you'll cheer up no doubt!

  2. Hi mom,
    No I think he is back in his Mom, I don't know the guy so who knows?

    Anyways, I was just checking in with you and didn't have much to say. I am happy though and met with BK and feel really good now.

  3. Hey Joy.... I don't follow this comment?? Who is "He"???
    "No I think he is back in his Mom, I don't know the guy so who knows?"
    Must've been interesting seeing BK on his home turf for the 1st time! Met? sounds strange tho?!! Did you meet his family?
    XXXXX 000000

  4. mom
    I was talking about Matt who made the dancing video.

    I will post a tidbit about my reunion with BK :)


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