Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Today was the day I left my father's home (Gold Country) and had to say goodbye to my Dad. I truly enjoyed seeing him again and staying at his home. I think that I am leaving on good terms and it feels reassuring to see my Dad taking care of himself and in good health. Right now I know that I won't really feel the sadness till I am on the plane.

Perhaps, though knowing there is a warm home out there for myself gives me the confidence to live wherever I want. Hmmm

Okay, anyways here are some pictures from the rest of our trip. A shot of me standing next to the Yuba River. The water was cold swimming. We left the river and went on the Independence Trail which leads to a creek that has a little pond. In that pond are newts! They are so cute! I fished one out of the water but then put it back in. Close up.

Well there are a lot more pictures and some videos but I am kinda beat with driving back to San Francisco today. I leave next Thursday and before I go there is a list of stuff to get done.
  1. Switch the internet into my roommates name.
  2. Change cell phone plan into "travel cheap-o plan". (I won't actually use my American cell phone in Korea but keep the plan going because I can't break my contract)
  3. Last minute banking stuff.
  4. Repack / get rid of more stuff.
  5. Clean up what's left in the house.
  6. Change my address.
  7. Hug and kiss Bo Kwan ...a lot.
Ok Good night!


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