Monday, May 19, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Caught the pop star Rain on a recent video from TIME saying in well spoken English: "You must be a good cook and be kind and pretty". Found the video through the DISGRASION blog.
From what I know Rain is a pop star that has a controversial background in South Korea. Mostly because, I guess, he didn't go to military service. But the boy seems to be getting more popular over here in the States. He is in Speed Racer and even sings in English.

Anyways, I think most of you on the blogosphere know about the Rain controversy and so I don't really need to mention more.

But I will examine one thing I find interesting and that is Rain's English. I have to say it isn't too bad. However, he does say "um" a lot and pauses here and there. But overall there is a quite a good flow to his speech. Maybe this is because of the amount of time he has spent here in America.

From what I have seen when Bo Kwan watches Rain whenever he pops up on Youtube is that he gets that face of disapproval.

Anyways, back to what I was saying. Perhaps for Koreans learning English can end up being a pretty competitive endeavour. This could be so because to get a really good job in Seoul, it sounds like you need high scores on your English tests. So I guess when someone like Bo Kwan sees Rain speak English pretty well, he may feel a little anger. Because he has been working his ass off to learn English but Rain just parties and becomes a pop star. Not that Rain doesn't work hard (I don't know).

Anyways, all I can say is that having Rain's popular presence in America may actually be good for Korea. But I don't know if every Korean would agree with me on that. So I guess it will be just fun to watch and see if Rain's popularity will just ring in America as another "Exotic" thing from Asia or actually prove to be a foundational start to a wider view of Asia's stars.


  1. I couldn`t watch whole video,I don`t know why but I feel like discuting when I listen his English, I agree with his English is not bad but we have to think about my roommate`s comment.

    "Rain got the list of questions before he started interview."

    I don't like him,in this interview he didn`t mentioned to military service, before he makes his dream in the U.S he must discharge the millitary service as like normal Korean guy. As you can see he looks like doesn`t care about that. If rain`s English is better than mine it would be unfair. He must lose his time(2 years) in Korean hell millitary.

    I hate Rain~

    Go back Korea and go to army!!


  2. Aw, I love Rain, though I can't remember exactly why he didn't go to military if it is for no good reason(ie. maybe health reason?) then he shouldn't be exempt although personally I dislike forced military training.

  3. Bo Kwan I am pleased to have your guys comments, because it allows the viewpoint from the Korean persctive to be expressed. I agree that Rain's answer to the questions were a bit prescribed. It is also a good point that they didn't touch on how he skipped the military service. I think Americans don't know about that bit even if we did we would have a difficult time understanding why it is so contraversial.

    I think though that he will probably remain an exile from Korea who won't make up his military time. :(

  4. He is just learning English.

    English is 2nd language for us, as you know.

    Very hard to speak. I think he is working hard for Dream Come True.

    And I have a little understanding about going to Army.

    Men are pretty poor.

    I just hope Korea doesn't have
    Army Service for WAR.

  5. I`m sorry but Korean man are not poor. Just Korean women are so lucky. Korean army are working for Korea but the problem is the man discharged the military service don't get any advantage and the guys don't discharge the service by wrong way don't get any disadvantage.


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