Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Adventures in Gold Country

I created a little video of our trip so far to Gold Country..aka Nevada City, California. Please have a look and enjoy.

So the trip started out with a drive past Napa Valley. It was really beautiful, seeing the vineyards and open fields. Bo Kwan was impressed, I think, with all the open space along the way. We stopped for a bite to eat in downtown Napa Valley. After that we walked around a little bit.
We have been enjoying the time here at my father's home. Nevada City is a small town and therefore has less people and less noise. You can wake up, literally, to the sound of birds chirping at your window.

Last night
we went for a walk and in the park across the street there was a little league baseball game going on. We stopped and watched it for a while. Bo Kwan realized that he was seeing a glimpse of American Life...kind of like that Apple Pie sweetness that America could have. He told me that if he first arrived to my town than he would have felt much better coming to America, instead of first living in Oakland.

Well the trip isn't over yet. Tomorrow we are going to a carne asada BBQ at
Erika's house.

Maybe a stop to the river a few times in the next few days. But generally just relaxing out here is really great.

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