Monday, May 19, 2008

Material Girl

Hey! Did you know we are living in a material world? And wouldn't you know it...I am a material girl! Alright a cheesy start there. Anyways with what feels like the end of my American life coming around the corner here really fast, shopping lately has been a real pleasure. Let me just tell you that I am the kind of person that hardly ever buys their self something. I have been wearing a pair of jeans I bought used at a thrift store 4 years ago. The point is that within the last 48 hours I have splurged and bought myself a few new shiny things. First I needed to say goodbye to my old bag (purse): And hello to my spankin' new one: I have been running up and down town looking for a new purse / bag to fit my tastes. My shopping goals were:
  • Large enough to fit a notebook for note taking.
  • Had a wide enough strap to go across my shoulder (born with sloping shoulders)
  • Also cute and fits my 'flowery style'
Obviously LeSportsac cut the cake pretty well!

It doesn't stop there folks! Yesterday I marched out of my house and bought myself:
Yep an iPod Touch. Now I really feel materialistic and evil. But I swear these are the last high-priced things I am going to buy before I take off. However there is the Duty Free area at SFO I have to worry about.

All in all it kind feels refreshing to buy myself some lovely things, considering how frugal I have been in the past. I wonder if this new trend of mine will carry over into Korea. I guess there is only one way to find out! ;)


  1. oh the gorgeous itouch. everytime i go visit my friend who works at apple i just look and drool. i do the same over the macbook air. i'm not too worried about sending my diploma tomorrow. as long as it gets me to where i want to be. but yeah, definitely liking the itouch...-drool-

  2. I love your bag...very Joyous!
    What material? Vinyl? Cloth?

    Make sure you have that little bag for your passport, now OK?!

    Yikes you leave the day after tmw!

  3. Hi Mom!

    It is like a backpack material...I guess vinyl. I asked several people and they say it isn't really convienent to get that passport bag. I already have a plan to keep it safe and secure during my travel, so please don't worry! ;)

    Anyways I am soo excited now!



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