Sunday, May 25, 2008

Emart + PC Bang

Today is my day off (Sunday) and that means I was able to do a little exploring and shopping. It has been very interesting being an outsider here. I can't understand what I read on signs and most of the shop keepers only speak Korean to me. But I am taking it all in stride and trying my best to not feel upset about these differences. So far I have been treated well by everyone, besides why should I expect royal treatment?

Anyways, today I decided to go to E-Mart, which is like Wall-Mart but with some differences too. Walking to the E-Mart was very easy. Sorry my photo taking is kind of minimal when I am out in public because I am too shy to snap a picture of everything.

But I did take snapshots of the loot I brought home. Orange juice and some buns

Next we have some yogurt drink cups, milk and cracker snacks.

Here I found some crispy almond flake cereal. A thing of cheese wedges, cereal bars and cookies.

But I needed a bowl to eat my cereal with and a spoon. Oh I needed shaving cream but I couldn't find any girly kind so I went for men's kind in the pink container...hey if it works for them...why not us? haha!

Shopping at E-Mart was a lot like shopping at Wallmart like back at home. There is everything you can want buy under one roof and the prices aren't too expensive. The major difference with E-Mart than with Wallmart is that E-mart's staff are a lot more friendly and also wear cute uniforms. Sorry didn't take a pic. However the staff at E-mart did not speak much English. Out of the 4 people I asked only one spoke English. Hmmm? I need to start learning the language~~!
Emart also is a lot cleaner and more organized than Wallmart. There were a few things I looked at but didn't buy, such as an iron and an alarm clock.
This morning for breakfast I decided to go with the "bagel sandwich" had advertised at the Dunkin Donuts. What we have here is a cinnamon and raisin bagel with ham, cheese, mustard and pickles. It wasn't bad and I think I ate it mostly because it had the word "sandwich" in the title. Only 3,000 Won. I actually find it exciting to see Dunkin Donuts in Korea, because I grew up with the company in Florida and ever since I moved to California it was the end of Dunkin Donuts for me. So it was a pleasant surprise to see this company half way around the world.

But I know what you guys really want to see and that is my hotel. I managed to take a video of my hotel room the night I got with out further ado
Sorry it seems the copy and paste function on this computer doesn't work properly. Let me know if the link doesn't work.
I couldn't edit it ...but hope you liked it. I didn't get a shot of the bathroom, which is separated from the bedroom when you walk in the front door. I hope showing you my hotel room doesn't make you guys think I am uncomfortable. It isn't bad but I definitely wouldn't want to stay in a place like this my whole time here
All right, so to spin in a different direction here are some pictures from when I was taking the bus to Seoul from the airport. Here we have what I am told to be the 63 of Korea's taller buildings. The weather when I arrived in Seoul was this kind of misty fog...I was told that this normal this time of year. It kind of created a mysterious mood for my entry into the city.
This is the toll to get onto the bridge that takes you to Seoul...hmm kind of like the Bay Bridge to San Francisco.
And of course a lovely picture of myself. Can you see the fatigue on my face? Oh well at least I can still smile! :)
I hope this blog is enough to satisfy your curiosities. I was able to upload the pictures by going to a PC Bang, which is a business that has a room set up with lots of computers where people can use them. They are mostly used to play games on them by young Koreans. The one I went to was in the same building as my motel. Thankfully it was a pleasant one with mostly young teenage boys inside playing video games. The hosts at the front desk were young teenage girls who couldn't speak English but were very helpful and even had fun helping me.
For the rest of my day I am going to look over the Teacher's material my school handed me and rest for tomorrow's training session. I will get to meet the other foreign teachers, so I am excited to speak English to someone else who also speaks it.


  1. THANX Joy = = you're doing great w/the blogging/video, etc...
    It's really wonderful to see & hear your experiences there.
    The hotel room does look bleak!
    Hopefully your little apt. will be somewhat cheerier & you'll have an opportunity to "decorate" it a bit too!
    Yeahhhhh....learning the language there would be helpful, duh?!
    That's what your speaking partner was supposedly all about.....

    Well keep up the good work Scout Joy!
    LOVE & HUGS Momz

  2. That's the same cereal I get too.

    The shaving cream--well, the common thread is that Korean women "don't need" to shave their legs.


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