Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Immigration (Everyone should watch this)

Immigration is an issue in America that is a topic so heated it displaces communities and people. But immigration to this country is becoming more and more an issue that is causing hatred in some people. Whether the immigrant is Mexican, Colombian, Chinese or Korean, it seems some Americans (White Americans) are having a difficult time accepting these people.

As I will become an immigrant in Korea, I hope that my stay there will be greeted with a welcoming gesture, unlike the kind you see here in this video:


  1. Immigration is always such a touchy subject, especially when you have family that were originally some of those people. It is really sad to watch some of those people talking in such militant tones and screaming for people to learn English. Especially when people who don't have English as a first language will pick it up and utilize it better than many Americans.

    Such a hot topic. But yeah I agree. I hope what we face in Korea as immigrants is much better than what many people face in the U.S.

  2. Yea, I think the experience in Korea won't be along the same lines as what is happening here. But I think there will be times when Koreans may come off as apprehensive to us foreigners...there are articles out there about protests towards American soldiers..

    Ah well maybe this topic is one of the lease things i should worry about. I still have to figure out how I am going to make it through teaching youngins' all day..haha

  3. I'm curious what part of Korea you're moving to. The reaction of Koreans to a westerner really changes from the countryside, or from the smaller provincial cities, to downtown Seoul (where I live.)

    do you have friends in Korea already, or will you be coming here basically on your own?


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