Thursday, May 29, 2008

training is over

Hi ya'all!

So training at the YBM head office finished today. And again I am really grateful to have this training but still don't know quite yet whether it will come in handy. The first month is going to rough because I will be going through all the steps of figuring out what works while at the same time still adjusting to my foreigner life.

Today's training was not as intense as the last few days and highlighted some important aspects of teaching. Such as always have a plan and to remember that your kids are a lot smarter than you think they are. I already kind of know that second part from being around kids at camp so I hope I remember that in class. Also our teacher took us out for a lunch treat at a place in the Insadong area. Insadong looked like what China Town looks like if you have ever been to one in New York or San Francisco, mostly because the streets are lined with shops selling basically the same tourist trap stuff. Peppered amongst these stores were some places selling art and pottery. I really want to go back there and spend more time checking it out. While I was there I saw an art supply woo hoo!

I think being around other foreigners helped me understand that I have a dual role here in Korea. One I am a foreigner to Koreans and two I am a foreigner to other foreigners. Sometimes I see random other foreigners on the subway or street and I smile at them but I tend to not get a smile back. I don't know if that is intentional or just coincidence.

So I am still resistant to walk into a Korean restaurant by myself and order food. I think it is a taboo here to sit in a place and eat alone, so there is that problem first off. Next, I don't know what to order and also I am still getting use to what I feel is the "Korean" taste that Korean food has, and that really isn't the spiciness. Just in general Korean food has a certain taste that when you aren't in the mood can be not appetizing.

So what do I do instead?

Well I go buy a sandwhich in the "Family Mart" and eat some cheese and crackers. I know not a meal right? But satisfying enough...till I get a grasp on food. My schedule for when I start teaching will have me coming home around 8pm so that really isn't the time I am use to eating dinner. These adjustments will certain take some time to accept but I will try my best not to let get me down.

Anyways, tomorrow I go back to my company and observe more classes. Afterwards I will be heading off to a hospital for my health check. Yea finally some paperwork is getting done! But that doesn't leave much time for lesson planning for my classes on Monday...maybe I can get it done this weekend.

Speaking of which Saturday I will move into my Office Tel and I don't think it has Internet. So unless I have time to go to a PC Bang updating and email will be slowwwww.

Ok well :)


  1. What about fresh fruits & veges?
    Any of those available there...grown in Korea?

    I'd make up a word list in Korean of certain foods I like such as: noodles, rice, chicken, chicken soup, tofu, green vegetables, eggs...etc.. & have that with me at all times, so I could go in a restaurant & ask for those items "to go" if eating alone is frowned on. I imagine that's a "Woman" eating alone??

    OK....don't forget your veges!

    Hope you can get internet in your new apt. somehow!
    LOVE - Momz

  2. yea there are fresh fruits and veggies here i just haven't had the proper set up for it. but that will change in my new place.

    I hope so too i can get the internet hooked up in my new place. Till then i can use the computers at work :)


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