Saturday, May 24, 2008

Morning of a new day

I seemed to sleep well last night, except that I woke up around 4am and watched TV. I think my body was still confused on when it should be asleep.

Anyways, the plane ride was okay. But I do have a little story to tell about it. I got there on time and everything, said goodbye to Bo Kwan :(. Yet, when I went through the security check point everything was chaotic. They had you go into lines and then place your stuff in bins. There were no signs telling you what to place in each bin, but I followed the crowd and separated my shoes, bag and purse into different bins. When I went through the security gate that checks for metal everything was okay and I collected my items and went on. But apparently not everything was ok. Right as I was going to enter the gate to board the plane a worker for Korean Air looked at my ticket and pulled me aside. It turned out that they did not check me off at the security gate and so they had to send someone to do a check on me before I went on the plane.

The following minutes seemed like hours, as I watched everyone board the plane and I was the last person in the lobby. As I saw them close the gate doors I felt a panic attack coming on. But finally someone showed up, got the job done and I boarded the plane. Once on the plane I had enough time to shove my carry on in the over-head compartment and buckle up for the ride. My seat was in the middle and I wondered to I am going to fall asleep?

But the flight wasn't all was just a plane ride excessively long. The great thing that made it work out was a video panel right in front of you that had free movies. I watched The Kite Runner, and 2 Korean movies. Along with movies there was a screen that showed you a map of the world with the plane's path on it. I checked this often and was excited when the plane was clearly far-far away from America.

I managed to get a few doses of sleep on the plane. In between I thought about things and missed Bo Kwan. They served us two meals, the first was the Korean dish Bi Bim Bop and the second was a noodle thing which had as a side dish some cake.

Sorry I can't put up pictures, I am using the hotels computer in my room and will have to figure out if I can plug my camera into it. :)

The only bad thing right now is that my tummy is adjusting to all this change by being grumpy with me. So I am going to try my best and eat simple and lightly.

I am excited to be here and now a bit nervous to walk out on the streets to get a bite to eat before my day. But that is why I am explore.


  1. Lol, true true. So glad you arrived there safe and sound. I know how you feel missing BoKwan. I think about how i will miss Leon while I'm there since I won't see him again until January when he comes to visit. I've stopped worrying now for the most part about alot of things. Just trying to enjoy myself for now and make sure everything is on course for my arrival. GO GET STUFFS=^^= You can do what I did when I went to Chinatown in New York. Close your eyes, pick something and then smell it to see if it smells bad, lol. I only got indigestion and such once. Well good luck on the street wandering. Be safe!

  2. My feeling is that they did check you at security, but they didn't circle the right part of your boarding pass.



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