Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I am going to be taking the subway to Jong-na for further training at my company's headquarters. It will be interesting getting use to the subway system here. The ride should take about 40 minutes so that is plenty of time to contemplate stuff or just feel confused.

Yesterday's training went well. I spent the whole time visiting and observing classes, during which I diligently took notes so that I can recall what it is I saw. During which when I entered a class the students became really suprised to see a new teacher...maybe because I was American? Basically all the classes start and end in the same format. The material is modified for the theme of the class and the age level. When training is complete I will be working on lesson development so that I am prepared for my first batch of classes. They require me to come in 2hrs early for my first month so to get this kind of preparation done.

In the meantime, I have been enjoying looking out my window and taking in the world around me. I am still figuring out what to eat and feel that once I have my kitchen eating will be a lot more comfortable.

All right just thought I post a little info on what's been going on. I still can't get pictures onto my computer in my room so lovely media like that may take a while. Plus when I finally move into my new diggs I don't the Internet will be hooked up so that too may take a while.


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