Thursday, May 1, 2008

cut it short

With only 7 days left of work to go, my mind and soul thought that was too long. I checked my budget and made the decision. I will end work this Friday instead of next. Essentially cutting myself off from the money I would have earned next week. But I have learned in life that sometimes you need to make such kind of sacrifices to give yourself what you really want.

It has been an interesting past 9 months at this job. For those unaware I have been working at an Insurance brokerage company downtown. It is a small office with just about 6 other employees. To give you a picture of the environment here is
an idea: I am the only young worker there in their 20's, they still use typewriters, the computers all run on old PC's and I am often asked to solve a very simple computer problem.

I have my ups and downs at this place. When I first started the job I didn't imagine that 9 months down the road I would be saying goodbye. Last year
when I was looking for a job it took a lot of work and was very difficult. I would apply to about 10-15 job postings a day and get about 3-4 interviews a week. The interviews weren't encouraging either. Often I was seen by more than one interviewer at once. In my darkest hour of this time in my life I went to the mall across the street and sought employment at one of the shops. But instead going through with the interview I went back home in tears. I couldn't believe that after 6 years of college and graduating after beingg sseriously ill that I was going to take a sales job at minimum wage. That same day I posted my resume on Craigslist, and a day latter my current boss emailed me. To sum up I obviously got the job. At that time I thought there was some kind of universal magic going on.

So now when I think about my last day, I feel somewhat regretful. My boss had a lot of faith in me that I would strive to become an insurance agent and help his company out. But my heart and soul have their eyes set on a more adventurous future.

All in all this job allowed me to grow and mature. I learned not to take things personally and that when you work hard the reward is a satisfied feeling.

Well time to say goodbye:


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