Thursday, July 22, 2010

Up High

As I was taking out my recycling today my eyes got caught in the sky. The sun was starting its decent to light up the other half of the world, and as it did this the scenery was breathtaking. A storm was in the distance and dense dark clouds showed great contrast against the brilliant light behind it.

I immediately went back to my room and grabbed my camera. Then I realized the best place to be was on the roof. It was my first time going up there.

Atop the roof I found myself looking out onto my neighborhood amongst this fury of dense clouds in the sky. The wind was slightly blowing and oddly the noise was pretty low.
It was a purely joyous photographic moment.
I could even here the laughter pure and clear coming from children playing in that park below. Magically the buzz of the traffic down below was but a quiet whisper.
From this experience I feel fulfilled and ready for my next trip back home.


  1. Clouds make for nice drama in a wide angle photo, you got some good ones!

    Have a safe, fun trip!

  2. V.Good fotos!
    The rigidity & uniformity of the manmade landscape reflects much of what you've described about your Korean coworkers! It's a pretty harsh environment, especially contrasted with the fluid poetry of the sky.

  3. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!



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