Tuesday, July 20, 2010

물 냉면 or Water Naengmyeon

I don't know why but the last two summers, I have spent in Korea, I never really was into the Naengmyeon. That is the cold noodle dishes. Yet this summer JH introduced me to 물 냉면 or Water Naengmyeon and I have found it to be really good and refreshing.

Last year the MBC's Park Myung Soo made up a funny song about the summer dish and since then I have been singing it in my head.

Near my house is a Naengmyeon restaurant, which we sometimes have delivered to us but other times we do go there and order.
First we were served a small bowl of a warm broth, which I think is meant to help digestion. 
What you are seeing here is a large bowl filled with an icy broth-water. In the center are the noodles, there is a hard boiled egg, a sliced pear and cucumbers for garnish. Also there are some pickled radish inside.
Mul naengmyeon originates from Pyongyang.[2] Pyongyang naengmyeon is mainly made from buckwheat and the broth of beef or pheasant. It also uses dongchimi broth or a mixture of it, while adding the sliced pieces of the radish to the dish. Vinegar, spicy mustard and sugar is added according to taste before eating. Because the noodles are made mostly from buckwheat, they have a less chewy texture so they rarely need to be cut before consumption.
What you do when you get your bowl of Mul Naengmyeon is you first stir it up and cut the noodles if you feel it is necessary.

Then it is ready to eat! I was told to eat the egg first but you can eat it as you go. I like to save the pear slice till the end. A really cool and not too spicy treat to have during the summer time.  Also I think that not every Naengmyeon place makes it exactly the same way so it is another fun food to discover.


  1. What's the big white thing in the center of the bowl in the 1st food foto? Pear?

  2. Yes ... Korean pears are much bigger than western pears.

  3. ah~ we've been calling it Chik(kudzu) naengmyeon.. it is my favorite food in summer. haha


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