Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Through the Raindrops

Let's try to focus on something else shall we? How about the summer rain? I love summer rain, mostly because it reminds me of Florida but also because it can make lovely moments.

One evening ago it was raining hard and the view from my window was saturated.

I enjoyed the fragmenting of the neon lights through the shapes of the raindrops.
Across my view is a church with a bright cross on top of it that shines through the night. I am not a religious person but sometimes on misty nights it seems to glow with a strong presence.
The river was flowing high and it seemed it would break over the walking path at any moment. The following morning, as it was still raining, I watched as the water rushed by. I saw as ducks tried to manage their way through the river. Nature can be so therapeutic at times. This view sure does beat the one at my last place. This of course reminds me that I should be grateful for what I have.


  1. I love when it rains in the summer. Then I can run around in it without worrying about catching a cold. We had a dry lightning storm the other pretty^^

  2. I love lightning! I will be in Florida soon and hope to catch a good thorough Southern storm ;)


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