Thursday, July 8, 2010

Roboseyo's Wedding

Last Sunday, on July 4th, my good friend Rob from Roboseyo got married. At first I thought I wasn't invited due to not seeing an invite in my post-box, but then later found out I just didn't get the electronic one. Anyways, I was invited and I took JH with me.

As I have shown before Korean weddings are something to laugh at and also feel estranged with. Rob was indeed marrying a Korean but it seemed he went to great lengths to make sure his wedding was special and memorable. Unlike typical Korean weddings where people talk through it and then stuff themselves at a buffet, this one was well orchestrated and also sentimental.

I arrived while people were still gathering and taking pictures. The location was on a boat-type-house on the Han river overlooking the Namsan tower and Banpo bridge.

It was a humid day out but inside things felt cool and there was lovely scent of fresh flowers. Set up around the lounge area were tables with pictures of Rob and his fiancee.
Immediately I noticed the room was full of familiar faces and bloggers. We all came out to support the guy and wish them a great future.
Then it was time to take a seat and watch as Rob and his fiancee entered the wedding hall. I have to say the lighting and music was all done in good taste and very enjoyable.
The wedding took place through a series of parts. First the mothers gathered at the stage to light candles.
Then Rob waited as his fiancee walked up to him. 
Then the priest (who is Rob's father) gave a speech, in English, about marriage and their union. Actually there were handouts with both Korean and English, meant to explain the speeches. Then they said "I do", their vows,  and put on the rings. In between that the fiancee's father gave a touching speech as well.
The personal touches started to come in, one of which was when the fiancee's brother played the piano and sang a song.

The best part, though, was when a video montage was played with both the fiancee's and Rob's voice talking about their love. It was so personal and touching that it made you really understand that these two were soul mates. Check out my video at the end of this post for a sample of their reel.
He walked back down the aisle a married man, and it was time for us guests to eat! There was a set course menu, which wasn't too bad.

Ah who's this??? hmmm ;)
In the middle of dining the new couple were being photographed with family and friends. The foreigners were called in and I had to get up to stand in with them. 
Rob mentioned how he was proud to have a large amount of his friends to balance the Korean side.
It was back for dinner time.
They opened the curtains and the great view was revealed.
It was a great festival and celebration of love. Yet it was Sunday and work was just around the corner, so JH and I headed back home.
Congratulations Rob! Have a great honeymooooon. ;)

Check out my video of the event:


  1. thanks for the video and the kind wishes, joy. glad you were there, and I'm extra glad you enjoyed the experience.

    ps: the priest was my dad, and the other speech was Mrs. Roboseyo's dad.

  2. Have you ever considered saying something was "good" instead of "it wasn't too bad"?
    Saying something's good is a more positive viewpoint & expression!


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