Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Official GEPIK Recruiters for 2010

One positive spinoff from my coworker not renewing her contract is that she got a list of the Official GEPIK recruiters. This was given to her by our GEPIK coordinator.

Since I am planning on later looking for a job in February it would be great to have this list. Plus I now know where I can get an updated one.

I thought I would share this list with you in case it is needed. If you are thinking about working for GEPIK and want to find a school that hires outside the typical season this would be good for you.
  1. ezEnglish: Looks like they have a lot of public schools and private schools to choose from. I never used these guys so can't comment about their service.
  2. Korvia: These are one of the big guys. I used them for getting my second job in Korea. They did a pretty good job, but I do have to say there was a lack of post-placement care.
  3. YouniKorea: I used these guys last year to help look for a job. They didn't place me with one but did give me some offers. 
  4. WorkNPlay: This another one of the big players. They helped me too last year when I was looking. I still have a good relationship with them. I find them to be honest and patient. *After checking it again I am not sure if these guys are the ones I used. I have another link for "WorkNPlay" and that one might be it.
  5. Global Campus: I never heard of them but it looks like they work closely with public schools.
  6. GMSC: I never heard of these guys either, but their list of openings looks pretty good.
  7. ASKnow-ETO: I think I might have used these guys last year. Since I don't remember clearly they were probably the more obscure ones.
  8. ThinkOutside: They look pretty decent, but no specific jobs listed for public school. Though looks like they deal with after school positions as well.
  9. BoP Korea: I haven't used this one, but it looks pretty good. 
  10. Lingua-ESL Planet: These guys are great and I used them several times. They never gave me anything solid but were very honest and trustworthy. I hope to use them again next time.
  11. Korealinx: First time seeing these guys. Their job lost looks meager but maybe they are reliable for certain areas.
  12. EnglishWorld: These guys look pretty basic and don't offer a job list.
  13. YnG Recruit: First time seeing this one, too. They have a job list but looks outdated.
  14. Eduvisor: In Korean, not sure if there is an English equivalent.
  15. Touch4teaching: Never used. Looks like their job list is good and updated. Probably a good one to contact.
  16. Teacher's Bus (ATC): Looks like they have positions all over the place and in private and public.
  17. GA Education: Looks like a strong force with a variety of job listings. 
  18. EslAgent: These guys look like they mostly have private school positions so I am not too sure.
  19. B2Corea: I got the Korean site but I have inkling there is an English version. I have heard of these guys before, too.
  20. ProHanz: I don't know about these guys seems like they are new. 
  21. EnglishWork: Never seen these guys before. Their job list looks good but not sure how they would be on the phone.
  22. ATIK: These guys look pretty basic and don't offer any specific job list. 
Keep in mind that a public school Korean teacher will look through the list and pick any of these. Probably a good idea to go with 4 yourself that you think are reliable. Sending your info to all of them would be overkill, since most recruiters communicate with each other. Also you don't want one school to get your resume more than once. Good luck!

**UPDATE Reminder: If you are going to go for GEPIK through the typical application process that hires seasonally (September start or March start) than only apply to one recruiter. The application process is where you put in your application and won't know the location of your school till you get accepted. What I am suggesting on this post is for people NOT USING the application process and looking OUTSIDE the hiring season. Thank you~

*If any of you out there have used some of the recruiters on this list give us your opinion. :)


  1. Be careful offering up advice. These days public schools will disqualify you for double submissions (going through more than one recruiter):


  2. Diana... Good advice.

    Please understand my advice is for people not going through the traditional application process. This is for people looking for a job outside the hiring season. Say October or April. In this case you can go with a few recruiters. But if you are going to fill out the official GEPIK or EPIK application than YES use ONE recruiter!!

  3. And Diana:
    I made a point of this at the beginning of the post:

    "If you are thinking about working for GEPIK and want to find a school that hires outside the typical season this would be good for you."

    But thank you since I wouldn't want people to be in jeopardy because of me.

  4. Your caveat now makes it clear. :) I think maybe it was too subtle before.

    And about using recruiters in general... don't go with one that blankets all the schools with resumes... it will inadvertently give you a bad reputation.

  5. Could you explain further what you mean. You mean a recruiter that sends your resume out to a ton of schools is bad?

  6. Yes. If a recruiter sends your resume out to every school they have contact with, without regard to whether or not it is a good fit with you, they are not a good recruiter and are hurting your chances of getting a job. Especially if you go with two recruiters who do that.

    People hiring for positions for gyopos and couples don't want your resume. People who want American women with a couple years in Korea should be seeing your resume. Recruiters that act as resume factories are not doing you any favors.

  7. Ive been working with Testimony Kim. They have managed to get me a good school but have been totally clueless about the visa process. I have had to send approximately 7 emails explaining that I am not eligible for a visa transfer (after speaking to Immigration about four times). It was only on the seventh email(after telling me I was wrong many times) did Testimony Kim finally check with immigration and say that yes indeed I was right.

    I think these guys are ok to work with, but you would need to be sure of your stuff to make sure they did their job properly. I have already been in Korea a year so if i hadnt been I could have run into big problems with them.

  8. Sara-Jayne : Thanks for the review:)


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