Friday, July 16, 2010

63 Building: Part 2

After dinner we went in search of fun things to do. We wanted to go up to the 60th floor and looked around for the elevator. But silly us realized we needed to buy a ticket, and so what we ended up doing was buying a 3 pass ticket. This included a trip to the Wax Museum, Aquarium and the 60th floor.
First off the Wax Museum:
When I was a young girl I went to the Wax Museum in San Francisco. What I can remember from that were musky dark hallways with strange looking figurines in it. I can't really say it made an impression on me.

What is interesting is that Korean people like to call the figures "dolls" and  so what you get is "Wax dolls." It is slightly amusing.

Anyways we had a good time prowling through the museum and I was happy to see most of it wasn't dark and dank, like in San Francisco. Actually was quite fun and lively.
 We found old Abe and Obama. 
Can you guess who...
We came upon a recreation of the Last Supper and had a little fun.
JH tried offering some cake.
Moving on...
We came to a small artists section...
Then found some figures of Korean drama stars.
It seemed there was someone in there for everyone.
As we made our way towards the exit we passed through a gift shop where I spotted these dolls.
The Wax Museum was a good treat and fun experience. Next up we went to the Aquarium.
The Aquarium was small but significant in that it held a good array of sea animals. Certainly you got that Aquarium mood with the blue lights and chlorine smell. 
We arrived at sleep time for the penguins.
One part had a glass floor where you could watch fish swim underneath. Now and then there was a loud glass crashing sound to spook you. It was fun watching children freak out as they figured it out.
One area of the aquarium had an otter play house with interconnecting tubes, again the kids loved this one.
Then we went down to take a seat at a show. It was a special treat of synchronized swimming. 
Check out my video of the event:

After that we made our way out of the aquarium checking out the reptiles and amphibians.
They had a tank of Dr. Fish inside it... those sort of fish that will nibble at your feet or fingers.
The aquarium and wax museum were a whole ball of fun. But the best part was up on the top at the 60th floor. Stay tuned for part 3 where I finish off this series and show you what's up there.


  1. Looks like fun. Does JH's family speak English? (just curious)

  2. Nope -- all the more reason for me to practice and learn more Korean.


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