Wednesday, July 14, 2010

63 Building: Part 1

Last Saturday was JH's Mom's birthday, and they made plans to visit the 63 building in Yeoido, Seoul.  This was my first time going to the 63 building. Somehow in my two years in Korea I managed not to make it to this tourist site. I have experienced going around it in JH's car, but always imagined what it was like inside. 

Apparently, inside it consists of a B level mall / entertainment area. Here you have some shops and then a Wax Museum, Aquarium and event hall. 
The 60th floor houses the world's tallest art gallery and an observation deck known as 63 Golden Tower, that allows visitors to see as far as Incheon on clear sky along with fireworks at night. 
The main attraction is on the 60th floor where you can look out onto Seoul and surrounding areas. 

For this post I will just show you the first fun we had on the B level, where we got dinner at a buffet.

When we got there we had to wait a little while before being allowed in, so we walked around.
Sister on right...Mom on left
The following is a view of the entrance to the buffet.
While walking around I caught a glimpse of the entrance to the aquarium.
JH's mom and sister were window shopping or as Koreans like to call it "eye shopping".We came upon a "Lush" store which made the area around it smell all wonderfully soapy. 
Then we took a rest and sat down near the restaurant as we waited. In the meantime we took photos of each other. 
Then we were finally let into the buffet. We got a table under a glass ceiling and it felt pretty special.
The buffet was pretty good with a nice balance of western and Asian foods. I think I mostly filled up on the olives and cheese, though. At the end we got a free cake. There were other birthday parties there so other folks got cake too. The staff went around and lit the candles, then a generic birthday song was played overhead. It still felt special.
Stay tuned for my next parts where I show you special places inside the 63 building and when we went up to the 60th floor.


  1. haha.. I am already looking forward to next one..

  2. so cool!! so special!! i have yet to explore the 63 building! can't wait!!


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