Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Office-tell Cooking: Yakisoba 2

A while ago I made a post about cooking the dish Yakisoba. At the time I used buckwheat noodles and found them to not really work. Last Saturday, as I was waiting to go to the dentist, I went to a small Japanese shop and found some Yakisoba noodles and sauce.

 (Ingredients: round container with red lid = minced garlic, next to that is the noodle package, behind that is a sesame oil bottle, which is next to the yakisoba sauce, pepper, garlic powder, and sesame seeds)

With the help of these ingredients and a youtube video I think I managed to make something tasty.

I sauteed the chicken for a while and added some sauce. Then I put in the cabbage, onion and mushrooms. 
Then I put in the noodles and more sauce. I spiced it up with some pepper and garlic powder. 
The final results:
It didn't take too long to make and the ingredients can be mixed up a bit. So I think this will become a part of my weekly meals. Hope it inspires you to make something yummy.~

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