Sunday, July 18, 2010

63 Building: Part 3

Finally, the last post in my series about our visit to the 63 building. We got in the elevator and made our way up to the 60th floor. The following is a tip to future 63 building visitors, which is to try and stand at the back of the elevator as you can look out onto Seoul and see yourself go up. Best way to do this is of course be the first in line.

Once up there you make way through the hallways next to the large windows. From here you get to enjoy a panoramic view of Seoul and beyond. Although we arrived at dusk the view was still spectacular.
I especially enjoyed seeing the apartment complexes from this bird's eye view.
As we walked on we came to a penny or "sip won" pressing machine. I don't know about you but when I was growing up in Florida whenever I went to a rest stop along the highway there was usually a penny pressing machine. It's one of those old crank-em toy things. You put in your penny along with some quarters then crank the wheel and out comes a pressed souvenir.  I believe I still have all of mine somewhere in a box back in the states.
Alongside the large windows in the hallway were gallery walls, which is known as the Sky Gallery. I was very pleased with the photography presented us and recognized a few works from my Contemporary Asian Art History class. This was a group of artists in the show called, "The Moment."
Kim Mi ru
Certainly I found the juxtaposition of the figure amongst the metropolis behind her very invigorating. 
As I moved on the theme of the photographs really made an impression on me as they felt very much connected to the view one sees out the windows of the 60th floor.
One artist in particular, Kim Atta, showcased significant work.
"...embed small stories about people in it. They give shape to various world affairs such as worry about identity, distinguishing myself and others, candid eyes to rich people standing at the borderline, and face revealing every aspect of life..." (According to the brochure).

Unfortunately for you Seoul folks this show just finished.

After passing through this art gallery space we made our way through an odd corner where the floor was see through. 
Next we made our way through a blinking fluorescent light hallway.
At the other end were more photos in the "The Moment" exhibition and of course more thrilling views.
The following works of art by Yoon Jeong Mee, were altogether humbling to see. 
Of course we all can get the concept that girls are associated with pink and boys associated with blue, but I found the distinctive objects the children are surrounded by to be characteristic of my students.

More often then I can remember do I find myself noticing how the boys mostly wear a pattern of blue and white to school, while the girls dress in pinks and other pastels. Of course this is mostly seen in the lower grades. Keep in mind these photos were set against similar stylized ones with Western children in the same way. 

We came to the last part of the 60th floor where there was a memory wall, cafe and gift shop.
Above is the memory wall where you can buy a placard and write on it then hang it up. That's exactly what we did.
And so our love note stays resting at the 60th floor of the 63 building. Actually I don't know what happens to it since I assume they don't keep them up forever. There was a video screen next to the memory wall of some kind of burning going on, so I assume they collect them then burn them in some kind of ritual. 

We ate some Pat Bing Su and then got in the line for the elevator ride down. Altogether the experience at the 63 building was memorable, mostly because I had a good time with JH and his family. 

*Next Friday I leave for my American vacation so I will be busy this week with preparations and packing.


  1. I loved my trip up to the 60th floor of the 63 Building...but I actually found myself dizzy and disoriented on the elevator ride up to the top. The view was amazing, but my stomach wasn't too happy about it. I know I'm probably in the minority here!


  2. "I was very pleased with the photography presented us and..."

    Are you taking speak English like a Korean lessons?!

    "I was very pleased with the photography presentation....." - would do!
    Would love to go up to the 60th floor....great fotos!


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