Sunday, March 15, 2009

White Irish Day

What do you get when you have "White Day" (Love day in Korea where boys give to girls) and an Irish Festival? White Irish Day!!!

First let's look at the White Day part of this adventure.

Before I went into Seoul to see BK I walked around my town and took snapshots of the White Day sales going on outside the Marts. Out front they were selling gift sets of chocolate and other candies.

After catching a glimpse of the White Day sales I went to Seoul. My destination was Hyewha station which is in the northern part of Seoul. Another hip area of Seoul where there were many couples out on the streets.
We were headed towards the St. Patrick's Day Festivities at Marronnier Park, Daehangno nearby exit 2. On the way, little did I know, that this was the location of the poop sculptures I have seen notoriously posted on other people's blogs. Hey did you know this part of town is known for its theatres??
Oops~ Sunshine was in my eyes.

St. Patrick's Day Festivities: Outsider / Insider
We arrived at the park and could tell we were there due to seeing people walking around with green balloons. Stepping further into the park you couldn't help but feel like you were stepping out of Seoul.

There were so many Westerners that it felt like I wasn't in Korea anymore. This felt very strange and was very difficult to shake off. BK too was a bit taken back by being inside this ring of westerners.

Also, I immediately felt shorter! There were so many tall people around.
People were having a jolly good time in the park. But how could they not with the beer floating around, and English being exchanged freely.

Some individuals found comfort up in a tree. BK was very alarmed at this site and wished they would get down. BK's reaction was that he felt like he was back in America. He was surprised that Westerners just like to drink while standing around and talking.
As for me I just found myself estranged by the fact that I felt out of place amongst my peers. But it kind of makes sense if you think about it. This is because I never really felt comfortable being around drinking people. I only lived that kind of life during my junior year of high school.

Slowly we made our way towards the exit. On the way we saw the stage where there were performers. And near the stage was a tent giving away free cups of Guinness beer. BK picked up a cup, but found the taste dissatisfying.

Byby Irish Festival~
We went to my neighborhood and relaxed and rested for the rest of the weekend. While we were walking around my neighborhood we caught site of these trucks loaded with chairs. It was certainly a photographic moment. We couldn't figure out if someone was moving in or moving out.

Then we headed to Indeogwan for that lamb galbi dinner that we love. To our surprise the restaurant was set up differently when we walked in, now the tables are not the sit-on-the-ground kind. Also the side dishes were more plentiful and delicious! Overall, it was still a great meal as always.Well that ends my White Irish Day! Till next year~


  1. I've been in Korea for exactly two weeks now. So, when I agreed to go with a friend to meet her friends who wanted to attend the St. Patrick's Day parade I didn't expect what I got.

    I was blown away by how many westerners there were in one place. I'm not a fan of drunk westerners. I felt like I was going crazy because I felt so aware of that fact that the people were foreigners. Back in the USA I would of never felt that way. Craziness.

  2. Hi ya~ ! hey if ya ever wanna get together and do some geeky artsy non drinking crazy stuff let me know!

  3. My destination was Hyewha station which is in the northern part of Seoul.

    Just thought I'd point out that Hyehwa Station is located in Daehagno, which is part of Jongno-gu and Seodaemun-gu. As such, it's more in central Seoul than in northern Seoul. To put things into perspective, I have to take the subway for 45 minutes heading south before I reach Jongno-gu. :)


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