Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thai Lunch and Fun

The weather is slowly warming up with temperatures now ranging between the 40's and 30's (F). What I notice most is the quality of the sunlight and the deeper blue of the sky. Knowing that it is just going to get warmer and warmer is pleasant.

Saturday BK and I swapped ideas of what we wanted to do. I suggested we go to a museum. But I called him later on to find he really wanted to go to the movies. We hadn't seen a movie together in a while so I agreed.

First, though, we needed to fill our empty tummies. So BK suggested that we meet in Itaewon. He asked me if I could find something delicious to eat. I went over to GalbiJim's website and came upon the choices for Itaewon. I knew there were a lot of restaurants there and different flavors to choose from. So I just picked a handful.

The one place we ended up at was a Thailand inspired restaurant called Buddha's Belly. The name alone got me interested and I have always enjoyed Thai food so I figured it was a good choice.
Getting to Buddha's Belly you get off at Itaewon station from line number 6 and then take exit 2. Walk up the hilly part near KFC and turn Left. It is up on the 2nd or 3rd floor (can't recall).

When we opened the door we were greeted with a lovely sunlight interior and aromatic scents. And of course the site of other diners, who were for the most part foreigners. It felt warm and welcoming. They sat us at one of their large comfy red-velvety booths.
The menu was pretty extensive and you can catch the lunch deals if you get there in time. We ordered spring rolls for an appetizer and main dishes for ourselves.

I had the Pad See Ew (I think that is the name), which was basically large flat noodles stir fried with vegetables (I didn't chose a meat). It was really good, but didn't have any spicy kick to it, which was okay. (Sometimes you want a break from the Korean spicy dishes.)
BK ordered a noodle dish as well (sorry forgot the name) with chicken. He enjoyed every bite of it.
Our dishes with a fresh mango smoothie.
We spent a relaxing time inside the restaurant. I enjoyed the sunlight and fresh air that came inside. After lunch we walked around Itaewon for a little bit and I showed BK the "What The Book" bookstore where we browsed the bookshelves for a little while.

Afterwards we were off to the iPark Mall in Yongsan where we were to catch our movie. (I am going to give a more detailed review of the movie we saw after this post.)

Waiting for a taxi I took this picture of Itaewon. The cool and sunny weather reminded me of San Francisco.

We made our way to the iPark mall and got our movie tickets. By the way, the movie was called "Old Partner". A Korean movie with English subtitles.

While we waited to take our seats inside the theater we went over to the arcade area and took a look around. Over there I found this Japanese video game where you hit fake drums to a beat, kind of like Dance Dance Revolution but with drum sticks.

We put in our 500 Won coin and I took a crack at it. Of course we started on the beginner level, but it was still a lot of fun. I cleared one level with okay marks and then I handed over the controls to BK. It was fun watching him sweat about certain beats that he had to get done fast.

In addition to the fun actions of the game just taking a look at the graphics can get one excited. The characters were crazy-cute and the beat tunes were funky too.
After the movie and after eating sushi for dinner we went to Red Mango for some yogurt ice cream with toppings. We sat at the window booth while talking and musing about our day and upcoming events. Somewhere in that time I took a cutesy Korean style picture of myself.
Well it was a good day and was made even better with the increasing spring weather.


  1. You look so happy and fresh in that picture! Let's go to Buddha's Belly sometime together, I love Thai food and hubby hates it!

  2. That's rediculous...yea let's go! And it could be at any Thai place too.

  3. Oh I'm due for a visit to Eitaewon so I'm up for meeting there... maybe not next weekend though, hubby will be in Japan and I'll have both boys... For Eitaewon I can't handle both of them, way too crowded... hehehe, unless of course you want to come hang out here for a bit next Sunday?


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