Monday, March 9, 2009

With the Boys

This last weekend wasn't majorly eventful, but still I was out and about around Seoul.

The first stop I had to make on Saturday was the GI Hospital to get my blood test and prescription. After that I was free.

BK met up with me and we got on a bus headed for Cheongyangni. Sometimes I don't really know where BK is taking me or for that matter why. After inquiring he said we were going to go shopping with his brother. Now that BK has a paying steady job his family expects him to help out in these matters.

We had to transfer buses and while we waited there were street vendors nearby the bus stop. It was morning time and the weather was sunny but also windy. I took a picture of this street vendor who was selling pillows. I like the juxtaposition of the soft pillows against the dirty old wall in the background.
After another bus ride we met up with BK's brother. I will use the initials MC for BK's brother. MC is younger than BK, but way-way taller. He is a nice guy and has some English skills but not as advanced as BK. Usually he tries to ask me things and strike up a conversation.

We went to the Lotte Department Store for shopping. First, we got a bite to eat at a mandoo place. Afterwards we noticed there was this contest going on outside.

The player was given a rubber hammer and then they hit the target, which would light up the lights depending on how hard you hit it. There was a long line for this and not just guys but also ahjummas, kids and old men.
The brothers got in line to give it a shot.

The prizes:
  • Top = fancy laundry detergent
  • Middle = mysterious box (probably socks)
  • Bottom = a small pen
BK and MC are not wimpy men, they look like they can pack a punch. But when they both hit the targets their results were at the bottom. I saw them both hit the target very hard and so we concluded that the game was rigged. They weren't satisfied with their small plastic pens. But had fun nonetheless.

MC goes for the goal..

BK goes for the goal after MC...

I guess the thought of winning luxurious laundry detergent was enough to form a long line.
After our fun and games it was shopping time. The brothers walked around the men's section in circles trying to find a brand of clothing they liked and at reasonable prices. It was fun seeing them ask each other what they like or don't like. In my family I never really went shopping with my brother, we usually did that with our friends.

They both were unsatisfied and left Lotte Department store. We then wandered the streets and walked into the small shops nearby.
Afterwards we went to Myeongdong, where we fought our way through an elbow-to-elbow crowd of shoppers. After pushing through the sea of people we came to another Lotte Department store. Like the outside the inside was crowded as well. The brothers did their shopping while I took a rest on a bench.

MC got himself a whole new outfit; shirt, jacket, and pants. All he needed was a new pair of shoes!

After shopping MC left us to go home and BK and I went out for dinner.

It was fun to be with the boys. However, I would of rather skipped the Myeoungdong crowd. Rob had a similar experience this weekend. Oh well live and learn.

*By the way ladies MC is single !! ;)

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