Tuesday, March 24, 2009

World Baseball

I am a baseball fan. Grew up with it in South Florida, when my Mom would take us to the Marlins games. Also my brother played baseball all the way up through high school.

So I have been having a good time keeping up with the World Baseball games going on.

The best part is watching Japan vs. Korea because they are rivals on so many levels. Plus it is even more fun to watch BK get all hot and bothered over what happens when they play together.

But some think it's kind of boring due to that Korea has been playing against Japan too much lately.

Still it will be fun to watch. Kicks off Tuesday (Monday time in USA).

Japan is now headed to the World Baseball Classic championship game to defend its title against Korea in the fifth meeting between the two countries in this tournament. The teams split two games in Pool A at the Tokyo Dome and split two games at PETCO Park in the second round.

Overall, Korea holds a 4-3 advantage in two Classics, although Japan defeated Korea in a single-elimination semifinal game three years ago on its way to the inaugural championship. Korea defeated Venezuela, 10-2, in the other semifinal game on Saturday.


  1. THANX for the heads-up on this Joy....I have the game on now & of course I'm rooting for who else...KOREA....it's 1/1 now!!
    Are you watching at school?!!
    AND...I didn't know you're a b.ball fan!
    Good 4 U.
    It's just about the start of the season here....YEAH!! GO MARLINS!

  2. Oh......Sorry about the loss! It was a good game tho.

    I watched most of the game from the 4th-9th inning.
    Was really impressed w/the quality of play and how excited the Korean crowd in the Seoul & LA stadiums were for their team!
    Sounds like baseball has become a big thing over there!
    The TV announcers here on ESPN kept gushing over about how "perfect" & well practiced these Korean & Japanese guys play ball! Not quite like the American teams ... They seemed more regimented or seriously self-controlled & focused on the field (saw them smiling & laughing in the dugouts/bull ben) in a way that's somehow different from the usual I see w/the US teams! That's not to say the US guys don't take their game seriously... it was just "different"!
    Hey some of those guys were really cute, too!

    Well better luck next yr!

  3. You noticed something real. Koreans do take the sport seriously because they want to improve their world image.

    haha yea sometimes Koreans don't really smile a whole lot, but that doesn't mean they aren't happy or having fun. You kind of have to interpret the level of seriousness on ppl's faces here.

  4. Thanx!
    I'm such an astute baseball game watcher!
    I'm happy to know that BK & I share something in common. Maybe someday he'd like to go to a Marlins game w/me!


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