Thursday, March 12, 2009


Finally expats here in Korea have some new leadership.

Where are we to go when we are struggling at a hagwon?

How can we know for sure our rights are being upheld?

Can we say that we belong to a community? If so who will be our leader?

ATEK is the answer. A new organization that promises to deliver. Besides I think it is time we got ourselves off of Dave's ESL for answers, if you haven't already done so.

You can join them and receive benefits. So far the benefits I find that will be the most useful to me are the statistics. I love statistics!

Access to English teacher statistics, including average salaries and weekly hours by region and type of teaching job, average level of satisfaction with various job types, average length of stay of foreigners working in Korea, average pay and benefit increases when re-signing for a second year, and much more. Want to know if your contract offer is above or below the average salary for someone in your city and education level? Get access.
This kind of stuff will be useful when I consider resigning with my current school or getting a new contract.

So for all you lost expat souls out there look towards the light my friends. For there is a way~

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