Monday, March 30, 2009

Not On The List

So I made my way to Bundang and got on the shuttle bus to the Orientation Center. On the way meeting some new people and mingling.

Got in a long line for registration. They looked and looked over the list and my name was not on it.

"Please stand over here while we figure this out."

But things were busy for them so they told me to wait at the office. No one was there and I wondered why my name was not on the list.

But as I thought I realized what may be the problem.

Last week I pleaded with my coteacher that I don't have time to go to the Orientation. That I am swamped with planning the advanced class and the addition of the teacher's English class.

So she called the coordinator's office to plead for me to not go. But Friday passed and we never got an answer from them. So we assumed that I should go anyways, and that is what I did.

I finally found the coordinator and she checked again but of course my name wasn't there. I told her about what had happened last week with the no phone-call business and we went to another office to speak with another coordinator.

This other gal, as soon as she heard my name, told me she was the one who crossed me off the list last week. So I told her we never got a response and I assumed to come to the Orientation.

There wasn't room for me at the Orientation since they were packed with the teacher's who didn't screw it up. Therefore, I was told to go home.

Getting home was a little tricky as I had to make my way down the mountain and to a rural area with a few city like buildings. But a few nice men were at the bottom of the hill and helped me flag down a taxi.

Ah but did I get to go home and relax?! Nope Principal called in and said I should head to work. So here I am frazzled and tired from all the bus riding. But there are only 2 hrs left of work. I guess though I should do some of that planning I was so worried about.

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