Tuesday, March 10, 2009

F4 the Gathering

Yes I watch the drama Boys Over Flower, which was originally an Japanese Manga. Actually I haven't been watching it much lately. Something about how the lead female role's lack of spunk during the 6th episode makes me uninterested.

But that doesn't mean you can't have fun with this drama. For if you are of the tender Korean age of 10 - 15 year old you will have one of these guys as your hero.

Last month I was eating at a Bon Juk Bi Bim Bop place in my neighborhood and saw an F4 poster on the wall. I put two and two together and figured out you can get a free poster with your meal.

The next day, at school, I put up the poster in my office. And like moths to a flame the kids came pouring in to drool over their favorite F4 dude.

Who do you like, teacher?
"I like Jee Hoo!" "Ohhh, Jee Hooooo..."
This would be the F4 dude who sports orange hair and white outfits. I have seen this actor before and he just knocks my socks off. So cute and adorable!! Actor's name is Kim Hyun-joong.

But when I give this answer and ask if they like him too, usually I get a "no" response. I don't know why, either. The guy has good looks and appears to be a kind man. They all go for the curly haired dude Gu Jun-pyo (the one in the middle of the poster). Actor's name is Lee Min-ho.

I try to convince them Jee Hoo is way cuter than the other guy, but they are pretty stubborn in their decision.

What's in that pencil case?
Students tote around with them a pencil case, some large and fancy others simple and generic. I think within each student's pencil case are hidden treasures that they and their friends only know about.

So it was that with the F4 craze some paraphernalia started to crop up.


Boys and Girls alike have their own collection of F4 cards. After I saw these around class I started asking the advanced kids where they got them. Apparently from they come from stationary stores. But I went to the stationary stores around town and looked for them. I concluded that you had to be a kid and ask the store clerk for them.

But I managed to get one of the kids to buy me some (I gave her money) and now I have my own collection. Some cards were just given to me by kids who thought I wanted them...hehe.

Stuff like this makes living here great! This is because you feel like you are a part of the culture instead of the outsider. I think we all try to be an insider here on some level, and getting involved in pop culture like this is just one way.

Well, I am going to leave you with this video of a parady of the show. It is done by the comic team well known here (XMen).


  1. Nice to bond w/your students like that!

    Could you put posters of international & Korean pop stars up in your classroom & talk about them in English?

    What the heck were they saying in the video?

  2. Sorry the video didn't have English captions. I can't translate it either. Just know it was a mockery of the real show.

  3. I want a poster! Is it only the Bi bim bap places? cuz I only have Bon Juk porridge near me.

  4. I don't know. But if you go somewhere and they have a promotional poster on the way they may have the deal. Its the Bon Juk place because the drama features the girl working at one. ;)

  5. Yeah. I just wasn't sure if there was more than one Bon Juk. I got confused because you mentioned Bibimbap - so I thought there might have been some kind of spin off.

    I shouldn't get a poster. I'm leaving soon! But I'm going to go try to get some cards later. ^^

    I think So Hee is the cutest too. =D

  6. IT is a special Bon Juk place.. they specialize in Bi Bim Bop and have NO jook. But still have the "Bon Juk" label.. anyways

  7. I went looking for those cards yesterday but couldn't find any at my local stationary stores. Do you happen to have a picture of the package?

    I settled for some really cute stickers instead and accidentally ended up with what seems to be a sticker book for outfits of the cast. The latter will probably end up in the hands of some students, as I have no idea what to do with it.

  8. These cards were just handed to me not in a package. I don't know how the kids get them from the stores. One of those mysteries ya know. sigh

  9. I understand why the girls all go for Lee Min Ho! I have also fallen for him! Jun Pyo! ha ha!


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