Friday, March 13, 2009

Portrayal of Female Foreigners in Korean Media

At Gusts of Popular Feeling blog there was a really extensive post about male English teachers being portrayed as rapists.

Whether you know it or not, expats, our image in the media is not a positive one. We are not portrayed as the intelligent, 4-year college degree, kind and open minded people that we mostly are. Instead we are portrayed as lowly scoundrels.

At that blog he talked mostly about the portrayal of foreign men in the media.

So I brought up the question:
So I am trying to raise the issue here of the woman expat's role in all of this. What is it? Is it as badly portrayed as the male? I have to say that I see blog posts about your topic often across the K-blogs. But little do I see how woman expats fit into the puzzle.
And he answered it!

His current post can give a really great examination of how both female and male foreigners are portrayed in the media here. Of course, the final result is that men are still shown as idiots, while women are shown as exotic sex-objects.

It's important that we take a look out our portrayal in the media here. And it is even more important to correct it.

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