Sunday, March 22, 2009

Can I have A Cheezburger?

Yesterday I was tired from all the fun time I had spent with my peers the following night, and so didn't feel like trekking it to Seoul. BK was busy with family matters and so I had the day to myself. I spent the first half doing laundry and cleaning my square feet. I also cleaned out my large suitcase. I took out the warmer weather clothing and packed in some sweaters and other clothing I felt I didn't need anymore for this season.

But now I have two full bags of clothes I want to donate, but don't know where to donate. If anyone knows of a service where I could drop off some clothes, let me know. I am going to ask my coteacher if there is a service in this area.

After all that cleaning and sorting out I was hungry, and a good meaty cheeseburger was calling my name. So I thought of going to Kraze Burger. Checking out the many store locations I spotted one in Sadang, which is just about a 20 minute train ride from my area. I called up Kristen to see if she wanted to join me and she did.
Let me first give you a pronunciation lesson on how to properly pronounce the word "Kraze" in Kraze Burger.

First of all it isn't pronounced CRAZY Burger. So how do you say it?

Start with the sound that is made when you say: crawl but take out the 'l' sound. You have a craw kind of sound.

Next say the word "say" but with more of a "Zay" to it.

Put craw and zay together you have Craw-Zay burger. That's how the Koreans say it! Now you can too!

Food! Moving on, let's see what all the hoopla is about. Why it would be a lovely cheeseburger and fries. These goodies come at a shiny price, but they are very delicious. There are many other items on the menu but we went for the classic cheeseburger and fries.


Kristen saying hello...

After enjoying our meal we left the place and wandered around the area. This place had a few cafes and donut shops. One of the cafes had these lovely cakes perched out front in a window display. We got excited over the strawberry tarts and considered going inside. But when we came to the front door there were two employees standing there and it felt really too posh for us. We walked away.
We found the rest of the area not that exciting and so decided to get some Krispy Kreme donuts and head home. You can tell spring is starting to affect businesses by that more patrons are enjoying outdoor seating.
On the way to the subway entrance we caught sight of one of those prize machines. But this time something odd was inside, a boot! We wondered how you win the boot and who would really want to win it. But it was funny to see.
The rest of the day was spent relaxing at Kristen's house with her two cats and one dog. I enjoyed petting the felines and watching X-Men on TV. It was a good restful Saturday.


  1. You have a different Kaw-ray-jee Baw-gaw in your neck of the woods than I do. There is one of these, which took over for Grilwich (Best of Friend), near my school.

    The product in your photo is substantially different that what I got, which was a gray patty slathered with bulgogi sauce--hey, pal, I didn't order a bulgogi baw-gaw!

    OTOH, the fries you have are crinkle style, where my place had them home style, and properly seasoned, salt and everything!

    I noticed the other day they have expanded the menu to include "Italian pizza" for 6000 W, so I may drop in for a go at that, even if it isn't caw-ray-jee!

  2. Sounds like a nice relaxing fun day! Thanx for the fotos.
    Nice to meet u Kristen!

    ps. Won't u need the winter clothes for next winter? U know me, the "keep everything just in case person!"

  3. It was definitely the highlight of my weekend=^^=


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