Friday, March 6, 2009

Through the Grapevine

There are times in life when ignorance is bliss. I had a moment like this on Wednesday when I had dinner with my new coteacher and old coteacher.

We went to Ashley's, which is a salad bar / steak kind of restaurant in my area. We were all speaking English due to that we all had the ability. The two of them got to talking about our Principal and how he isn't the most enlightened man. They told me a story about him from last year, that I wish I could live the rest of my life not knowing.

It turns out our Principal is a bit of naughty man. At a party last year with teachers and parents the Principal, after doing some drinking, managed to touch one of the parents' breast. Sexual Harassment!! The parent's were shocked. But they didn't come to get their apology till the next day, and he did apologize.

At lunch time the teacher's, who do not eat with the children, all meet for lunch in one room. As English teachers we meet with these people and the Principal. The Principal likes to talk during our lunch hour break. Of course I don't really know what he is talking about.

My coteachers tell me his stories aren't exactly ... clean. They involve sexual innuendo and such stuff. They said that during dinner parties with everyone and after he has drunken soju that these kinds of stories flow more.

So it is that I have to see this man at lunch and around the school, and try not to think of the guy he really is underneath his smile.

I am somewhat nervous knowing there is a guy like this at my workplace, especially because there are children.

But I don't see him doing anything over the edge, like that breast incident, again. However, I bet he hasn't learned to censor his words or stories. So it is the Korean teachers and colleagues who suffer most.

Ah well, I just want the guy to give me extra vacation days and uh, I guess not touch anyone.


  1. lol, goodness me. i can definitely see how you could have lived without that knowledge. So I was thinking I needed Butterfingers Pancakes again. Are you free Sunday after 6?

  2. This seems like common behavior among Korean men to me, at least among the directors at my school. They are always making inappropriate sexual comments at the teachers and getting absolutely trashed at any kind of get-together.

    I avoid spending time with them, personally...

  3. Interesting!
    What does BK say about all this? Is this behavior usually condoned in Korean society?
    AND "drunken"....huh, eh...Ms. English else might you have said that?

  4. Bo Kwan understands my side and their side. Ah yes bad grammar there ! > <


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