Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Tease

Putting aside the political mumbo-jumbo...let's get back to the real drama at hand.

Today Bo Kwan took the train ride over to my place to visit me. When entering my home he nodded in agreement that it is no longer any good, mostly due to the air quality. I showed him how with the air conditioner on it somehow makes it more bearable.

Anyways, after lounging around for a bit we headed out. But on our way we saw the Officetell's owner standing around with his key chain of keys. He was coming out of one of the apartments that looked empty and had a window. I hinted to Bo Kwan that he was the owner, and so he struck up a conversation with the guy. Next thing I know we are being shown the room and Bo Kwan was breaking a deal with the guy.

But he wanted a swift decision and I felt I needed more time, so we gave the guy an hour and went for lunch.

Over lunch I contacted my coteacher to tell her of this new prospect. It turned out that the owner was willing to move me but not charge a fee, also the rent for the window room wasn't much higher. So I handed the phone over to BK to explain to her this situation.

However, as wonderful as it sounded I could not change rooms like this and so swiftly. It turns out that she has to go through Gunpo City Hall first to get them notified of a change. This is because the contract is through them. So she told BK that on Monday she will work on this.

I hope that she doesn't take the phone call as something annoying, because I was just checking with her first about this situation. On Monday, I will wait till she breaks the conversation about the house change. I know she takes it seriously and probably wants to get it all over with, so it is my goal to just work with her and not be so pushy.

Anyways!! Seeing the room with a window was like being teased. Oh here you are...fresh air..sunlight...doesn't that sound good?

After we came back from lunch we stopped at the realtor office near the elevator. It turns out there was also an available window room on the 7th floor (I live on the 6th). The 7th floor officetells are bigger and cleaner. We were shown the room, and again it was like I was being teased!

Yet it turns out that there are even more complications to this whole thing. It may be that in order to move out of my current place there will need to be someone else willing to take it over. I don't know for sure because I am not in contact with the realtor my coteacher used to get the contract.

One last interesting note is that BK tells me that for Koreans, having a room without a window isn't such a big deal. In fact he said some people think it is strange to pay more for a room with a window. I said that is great for Koreans, but I need my window.

I am sure this will all get sorted out and I will end up in some place with a window.


  1. HEY JOY....GO for the Bigger/Cleaner 7th Floor Apt.!
    Without being pushy you also don't have to be so blase(that's french)

    re:about participating in making it happen. Rather than a "tease" you participated in the process today. Found a convenient new "acceptable" apartment that you'd like to have...saving "them the trouble" of finding it for you. What will it take for the RE agent to hold a 7th floor apt for you?

  2. Hi,
    Looks like it is too late...for your advice.

    There was the risk of a lot of fees if I were to go upstairs.

    The end deal is what worked best for everyone.

    The new room isn't so bad...actually the room upstairs was a bit bigger, but not amazingly different in appearance.


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