Monday, November 24, 2008

The Workplace

It comes as a quick reminder to me that I haven't shown you all my new workplace. I took a few pictures during my first week. Well let's take a tour:

View of the front of the classroom and the chalkboard. Using a chalkboard feels like I am in the 1st grade. I am not that skilled at my chalkboard writing either, so it comes out a little ugly. Anyways, to the left is the big screen TV used for lessons and to the right is my coateacher's desk.

Scene of the desks, windows and back of the room. What I have noticed is that they seat the girls in the back and the boys in the front. I want to ask Why...but keep on forgetting. Anyways, the window view is lovely! Sometimes I stare out of it for long moments, because it has the view of the side of a mountain. I can see birds and the wind blowing through the trees. :)

Let's enter my office!

That is my desk with the chunky old Monitor. Behind it is the gigantic window which let's in sunshine. This is also the supply room, as you can see. And we have a lot of supplies, but it seems we don't really know what to do with it all.

View out of my office window:

It is fun to watch the children play on the field. Sometimes you can see who are the outsiders who are left out of the group. On the snow day they were out there gleefully running around without their hats on, I felt like a Mom and wanted to yell at them to put their winter gear on.

Anyways, I hope to take more pics of other parts of the school and possibly the people there. For now this gives you a look into what my daily surroundings are like.

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  1. Thanx Joy it was really nice to see where you're working!

    Do your students live in the apt. buildings on the other side of the playing field?

    Do kids go to school in their own neighborhoods usually?

    Love those fotos, keep 'em coming please!


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