Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Without further ado, I bring you the interior of Office-tell 628:

What you see when you enter my room:

Turn to the Right and you have a Toilet/Shower (Everything works as it should)

To the left of the entrance is the frig (for now just breakfast items are in it, don't cook will see why)

Kitchen Unit (Two gas ranges, one "oven" thing ... the dial next to it has images of fish... I guess it is a fish cooker...since the kitchen is so close to everything else I don't feel like doing heavy cooking...pasta is okay, but stir (Otherwise, it functions well.)

Dining Table (colors make you want to crawl and hide)

TV / Dresser (Still organizing, oOo big TV)

The Bed (There is a shelving nook built in above it. Also this is a kind of hideaway bed, where one could lift it up and tuck it in where those shelves are.)

Newly Installed Heater: The owner installed this today and although small it packs a punch! Actually the Ondol system started to kick in...(Mom, that is the floor heating system here.) I figured out that the floor heaters are along the perimeter of the room. With all of these devices I am really cozy and warm.

View from Outside Looking left: It isn't much, but noise is low and I miraculously heard some birds this morning.View looking Right:

There you have it folks, my new diggs and I am enjoying getting cozy. So far I have one plant, and already it makes the room feel like a home. I really need to control myself from going over to Emart and buying all sorts of home decorating things.

Anyways, yesterday after my coteacher and 2 other teachers helped me move my stuff I took them out to dinner and paid for it all. They seemed very impressed that I did that, so I hope that is one thank-you gift out of the way.

Tomorrow I am going to dinner with all the 5th grade teachers to an Outback Steakhouse. I like all this shmoozing because my coteachers are mature and adult like. At the hagwon it felt like I was with too young of a crowd.

Allright well thanks for reading!


  1. oppps I accidentally commented on the post below!!!!

  2. So glad you figured out the heat! Isn't the ondol a really amazing thing? It's so wonderful. I love that I can turn it on for an hour or so, my apartment heats up and then stays heated for hours and hours after I turn it off.

    Congrats on getting a much nicer apartment with an actual window.

  3. THANX for the tour of the new place!
    Your bed area looks v. cozy!
    Glad to know that you'll be warm & much happier w/your window now.
    AND I'm happy to hear you treated your "moving helpers" to dinner...WAY TO GO JOY!
    AND that you're socializing more w/your coworkers.

    Sooner or later you may want to cook more in your "kitchen", perhaps using a small exhaust fan in the area would deflect the odors reaching the other side of the room if that's why you're hesitant.
    You could get a small electric simmering potporri pot to keep the room smellin' you remember the one I had on the counter in our CS house? I actually really liked that thing.

    OK...back to work here!
    Now send us a pic of you in your new coat please!!
    HUGZ from Momz & Charlie

    ps. Is there a way for me to post some pics on your blog?

  4. again!
    They're called murphy beds....

    Weather report looks v. cold there now....I hope you have your mittens, scarf, boots & wooly long johns on!

  5. Wow, that's.. that's some wallpaper, alright. :p

  6. Wow, nice upgrade!
    Glad things worked out, and you did exactly right with the teachers. Well played.

  7. sounds like you're getting a really good start in your new situation. sweetness.

  8. Thanks Everyone! Man it is snowing now!~ I am at work but wish I were at home in my cozy warm house.

    Oh well!

  9. Looks cute. The hideaway bed is neat! :)

    I'm glad your comfy in your new place.


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