Saturday, November 8, 2008

Falling Leaves

Today was a day spent putting away my things and unpacking, so that my room looked more like a home. After I had finished with my squaring away of things, I felt it was necessary to get out of my room. Because having no window during the day makes things a little confusing. Indeed, I would look out my door to see the sunshine coming through the hallway window.

I didn't really know what I was going to do but I felt it was a good idea to do a little exploring.

This is a shot of the building in which I reside. Still nothing too pretty to look at, but it beats being homeless.
My area is jam packed with eateries, sock shops, PC bangs, other bangs and stores. There is this waffle joint, that draws a large crowd. There is usually a line backed up waiting to get their waffles. I have considered joining them but haven't gotten around to it. Anyways, it is great to see how one waffle shop is more popular than the other. Certainly the smell coming from the place was enticing enough!
So I sat down for a little bit and did some people watching. But mostly I wondered where I was going to go. BK was home sick today, got the flu, and so I was on my own. I knew there was a park nearby as indicated in the green space on my map. Next thing I know I was walking away from the crowded shops and further into the apartment areas.

But on the way I caught site of one of the restaurants I had dinner at a few nights ago. It is a tofu place, and I thought the food was quite delicious. You get a tofu soup, rice and the usual side dishes. It was actually a lot of food! Eating for one here is not a usual occurrence.
Just a few blocks around the corner and I spotted something I thought I would never see again. Strawberries!!!!!!
I was going to buy them but I didn't know if you buy the whole case or just half the case. They were going for 10,000 Won or about 12 US dollars (?). I am hoping the place is open tomorrow because now I want to buy them and share the rest with my co teachers at the school.

Across from the strawberries was a park, that featured a race track and other sporty spaces. For your viewing pleasure I comprised this video:

In case you need to see it up close:
As I sat down on the stairs to reflect on my surroundings, I saw next to me a little buddy.It has been a long time since I have seen such colorful fall colors. I believe the last time was when I was in Boston, which was when I must have been 14 years old. Yet, I know that within weeks it means the trees will become nothing but sticks. Winter is a season, I believe, meant for contemplation and reservation.


  1. Where is your apartment in relation to the photo? You said you can see sunlight coming in through a hall window, so that has me confused. On that note though, I've noticed several of my (Korean) neighbors leave their door open during the day -- would you ever consider doing the same for the little bit of sunshine it would provide?

    The PC 방 next to the waffle shop has an interesting name compared to the ones I see in Uijeongbu. Here they all use military themes: Combat, Air Force, Squad ... Guess it's easy to tell what kind of games they offer.

    Checking just now, 10,000 won is equivalent to $7.64. Still expensive, but not quite as much as you had thought. :D Not sure if that will persuade you to buy the strawberries or not.

    Super cute Sphingidae species (?) that you sat next to, as well!

  2. Hi! My room is sandwiched in the middle on the 6th floor. So it is hard to picture where it is. I do leave the door open but it doesn't let in much light, but it does let in air.

    Thanks for pointing out the caterpillar was super cute!!

  3. What are:
    sock shops, PC bangs, other bangs ??

    Thanx for the fotos, luv 'em, take more!!....we had changing colors of foliage in Sacramento. What about up in GV? or Eureka?

  4. Sock shops are literally shops that sell socks. The socks pour out onto the street. I will take a pic next time.

    "bangs" are rooms where you can do an activity. PC bang, is a computer room where kids and adults go to play computer games. There are DVD bangs, where you go witha partner and watch a movie in a little room. It usually has a nice couch and surround sound.

    GV the leaves changed, but not much in Eureka, the weather never changed much there.

  5. Just to clarify, Sphingidae is the family name -- there are multiple genera in the family, each with many different species. It's just that with those insects (sphinx moths, hummingbird moths, and hawk moths) it's hard for me to narrow it down any further than that.


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