Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Principal said yes!! I could tell he was sympathetic and really knew that it wasn't going to last long.

So now the plan of action is that my coteacher and I will start to look for a new place next week.

Still there is a fuzzy area of whether I am going to receive the free rent or if it is changing to that I get the housing allowance. Sigh

For now at least I know things are moving towards a window. And I don't care if all I see is the facade of another building!


  • I pay the realitor fee which is not cheap, but not millions of Won.
  • If rent is higher than 400,000 Won (about 350 US dollar) I pay the difference.
Whatever let's just get a window!


  1. awesome!

    don't forget to check with BoKwan about what would be appropriate thank-you gifts, definitely for your co-teacher, and probably also for your principal, for being so sympathetic. that'll leave a sweet taste in everyone's mouth and help them feel more amenable to helping you out in the future. A simple box of chocolate given to my banker made sending money home half as difficult for the rest of the time I was at my previous job.

  2. Lol, lamebrain. I haven't heard that said in a while. Well I'll send you my cellphone number. The problem is I work 6days/week. Only day I have off is Sunday and apparently it will be the same schedule for the next 4months, lol. Oh the joys of working at a hogwan. But getting together on a sunday is good for me if it's good for you?

  3. oOOooo yes gifts should be on their way. Aghh what should I give??? How soon does one give the gift??

    Do you have any suggestions for an older man who is the vice principal??

    Wine, fancy rice cakes gift box??

    I am tired tonight but should go out this week and get something~ huh

  4. Re: GIFTS
    It surely doesn't have to be extravagant......for you're just a "poor working girl" who needs your employer's assistance with housing! Don't go overboard.
    A simple & "proper" token of your gratitude should do!
    Doesn't seem "right" that you have to absorb the extra expenses now!
    Your recruiter should've been able to work thru that on your behalf & in my opinion have seen/inspected the housing before they put you in it & voiced her objection on your behalf before you ever walked thru that door!
    Or for that matter, you should've made the new contract contingent on the housing meeting your standards!
    Because the place they put you in is really an insult when it comes right down to it!
    Never mind that they had a tight deadline...they could've put you up in a hotel temporarily like the last place did until a very nice suitable apt. was located for you.
    At times I think you're too gracious & allow yourself to be taken advantage of! Maybe an over reaction in the opposite direction?? If you get my gist?


    Does your contract state anything re: the amount of money the school is liable for re:your housing? Monthly rent? Realtor fees? (note there's no "i" in realtor)

    Good luck finding something more suitable & PLEASE don't settle! Find a room w/a view for your window....staring at a wall can be equally as depressing!

    THINK POSITIVE! Visualize your self looking out the window at "beautiful" view in your new apt!

    Great little lamp! Love it & YOU!

  5. I would give them something small, but nice . . . popular gifts in the past have been potted plants, chocolates, candy. . . little things, but the packaging is important. In the end though, there's gift sets galore here. Go maybe to the local department store and get a few gift-wrapped things there, like cakes or whatnot. I'd give it after the new housing has been found, and just before you move in.

  6. Thanks Gomushin Girl~~ ;)

    I had a feeling I should wait till results come from this movement. I felt like I wanted time to look around for something nice.

    I know it appears that being taken advantage was present in this situation. During the interview and contract review I tried to emphasize that I wanted to be in the process of finding the housing. But I think things got lost in translation and time was not on my side. The school gets money from the local government and it is not much.

    But now I have the chance to be proactive and make sure I find a suitable place that isn't too expensive. I don't mind paying more over their budget because it will be worth it.

    Another thing to consider that the area Ilive in is not heavily developed in Seoul, so the options are fewer. There are areas around the school that are not in the downtown area, but living there would make it hard for me to get to school in a timely manner.

    Ok, we will see! Yes I imagine a window all the time...and fresh air too.

  7. *Today I brought in a bag of donuts to help cheer my coteacher up*

  8. Please tell us a little more about your coteacher.
    Age, personality, etc....
    Did she appreciate the donuts?

    Re: the new apt.
    I know there's a nice little place waiting for you somewhere close to the school or park!

    How 'bout some pics of the new school sometime soon!

    Feeling any better this wk?!


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