Monday, November 10, 2008


More insight from my recruiter:

I understand what you feel when you are at home.

I explained fully to your co-teacher that without a window, a person gets sick and get a mental problem easily because of no ventilation and sunshine.

I believe that she talked about that with the administration office to report the status to Gunpo City hall so they can change your place to another apt soon.

I tried to call her but couldnt reach her. Please you also ask her about the status. You can of course ask her because I already noticed about that and it would be so much easier to know what the situation is like..

I will try to phone her again but please ask her to get information about moving housing status.. OK?

When I hear some thing from her, I will let you know..

I am going to give my coteacher a few days into this week before I feel like questioning the status. Last Friday was a full day for her so I know she didn't have time. But it is great to hear that these people are thinking sort of the same way as me.

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