Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bye Bye

Let's get in the mood~

BYE BYE my little home of plastic furniture, fake window and cigarette aromas.
I think the secret to my survival so far in this place has been the use of a good lamp. Perhaps it could even be said that the secret to life is having a great and reliable lamp. Back in America I had a wonderful little lamp that I bought with my father at Kmart when I was in high school.

This lamp does more than it looks like it could do! For there is a button attached to the cord where you can adjust the light. So when I wake up at 7am and don't know for sure if it is morning, I just slowly turn the light on, allowing me to think it is dawn.
Sigh it is great to know that I will be on the hunt for something else. Whether it is going to be of the same quality is unknown, but at least it will have a window!!

Now that I have this issue working out for the best, I only wish other aspects of life were functioning. My poor boyfriend is struggling with getting hired. This constant rejection has him on a downward spiral, not to mention he has been dealing with the flu. Hopefully life will be a bit brighter for him some day soon.

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