Friday, August 29, 2008

What if?

So there I was Wednesday settled with my decision to stay at my current school. Mostly because an opportunity to work at a public school seemed very risky. So I was ready to take on the challenges at my current school and wait it out till March when public school jobs become more available.

But then yesterday evening (Thursday) I got an email from the public school recruiter for Gyeonggi-do saying that he knows of a school in Guri that may have an opening in November. And immediately I thought "OH shi*t!".

No I am back in the tailspin of what to do. But now I feel that if my school will release me and if this guy will guarantee me a spot in Guri....there is a good chance I will make the change.

Yet if I do change there are the battles ahead:
  • Getting a fresh Background check from America (takes weeks)
  • Japan Visa run
  • Moving
  • Change
BK tells me to just not take it too seriously (he means sensitively) and think clearly. I am trying!

Anyways we will see what happens. In the meantime still gotta work at my current place.


  1. SO please tell us more about the Public School opportunity; what you would be teaching, student's ages, hours (# of classes per day), salary, etc....
    When do you have to decide?
    Will there be a formal interview, so you can see the school, meet the principal, etc...?

    Other Details: Who pays your air fare back to U.S. then?
    Will you have to rent your own apartment?
    Ya know the "juicey" details!

  2. Juicy details:

    public school:
    GEt all the benefits (free housing, air ride back home, same salary, healthcare and more vacation)

    Don't know details of the school yet.

    Best to decide 2 months before start date because current school requires two month notice. So I hastily may have to decide by start of September.

    Will try to see the school and area before go.

    ~Still don't know~

  3. do you really need a new background check? you should be able to use the same one you used to get the current job . . .

  4. hmm they say I need a new one. Plus i don't have my original of the last one...just a copy. I thought you can't get this back?


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